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Children's Allergy and Asthma Wellness

Since much of successful allergy and asthma management involves minimizing exposure to those substances that cause problems in the first place, part of allergy and asthma wellness rests on knowing specifically what substances are actually responsible. In some instances, it is fairly obvious - exposure to a cat causes wheezing or eating peanuts causes a rash. But other times, the cause is not exactly clear.

Allergists and immunologists at Children's of Mississippi help identify the specific offending agent by correlating historical information with specific testing to provide information on sensitivities. We can prescribe appropriate medications to help control symptoms with a minimum of side-effects.


Allergy and Asthma Metro clinic locations

  • Clinic services are available throughout metro Jackson for patients suffering with rhinitis (hay fever), nasal and sinus problems, skin reactions and other allergy-related problems. Our specially trained staff treats patients in the following locations:
    • Jackson Medical Mall
    • Grants Ferry - University Physicians
    • Kathy and Joe Sanderson Tower at Children's of Mississippi