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Data Science Staff

Robert Hester.jpg

Robert Hester, PhD
Interim Chair
Professor, Physiology and Biophysics
Phone: (601) 984-2696
Office: TR501-02
Faculty profile

SOPH_Patch-JPEG.JPGYolanda Nobles, MS, MHA
Director of Operations
Phone: (601) 984-1933
Office: TR502-03
Jeannette Simino, Program DirectorJeannette Simino, PhD
Assistant Professor
Program Director, Graduate Programs in Biostatistics and Data Science
Phone: (601) 815-8128
Office: TR540
Faculty profile
SOPH_Patch-JPEG.JPGCandela Diez
Phone: (601) 984-2696
Office: TR501

Biostatisticians and Data Scientists

cblackshear_20130605.jpgChad Blackshear, MS
Biostatistician II
Phone: (601) 984-4365
Office: TR523

Sheeba Ogirala, MS, MBA
Biostatistician II - Analytics
Phone: (601) 815-8548
Office: TR529

SOPH_Patch-JPEG.JPGMd. Yusuf Ansari, MS
Biostatistician I
Phone: (601) 984-2696
Office: TR527
.Yu,-Snow-20190815-01-High-Res.jpgXue "Snow" Yu, MS
Biostatistician I
Phone: (601) 984-2696
Office: TR524
Radhikesh Ranadive.jpgRadhikesh Ranadive, MS
Data Scientist
Phone: (601) 984-2138
Office: TR522