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Community Education

Community leaders and organizations

Civic organizations, churches, businesses, professional organizations, museums, and all kinds of advocacy and interest groups can benefit from learning about current and historical medical ethics and humanities issues. We are happy to come to you or to arrange space for your group to meet on the UMMC or an affiliated institution’s campus.

Legislators and state officials

Public officials hear from all kinds of political action groups, lobbyists, and offices but may want to get objective, fair, unbiased information on the practical, historical, legal, and ethical issues surrounding healthcare policies, old or new legislation, and what medical technologies can and cannot do. We are happy to provide information and perspective in the interest of supporting legislative debates that are fair and informed.

Schools, colleges, and universities

From elementary schools to high schools to colleges and graduate schools, the moral, historical, social, economic, and legal issues of medicine and medical technology can be fascinating for students to learn more about. We are happy to come to talk with you about visiting a class or a campus group or to arrange space for students to come our campus.