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Director's Message

Dr. Ralph Didlake

We at the Center for Bioethics and Medical Humanities are deeply connected to the state of Mississippi and its people. The state is our home, for several of us it is where we were born and educated, and for all of us it is the place we want to support and help thrive.

A major part of that thriving is about health - the health of our communities, the health of our economy, the health of our environment, and especially of interest to the center, the health of our bodies and of our minds. Health is not a simple or easy matter, however. While it is certainly moved forward by good health care providers, good health information, good medical technology, and good health care access, it is also affected by issues of justice, personal responsibility, and moral attitudes.

Our 21st century challenge is to face these issues with courage and with evidence. We must face both the obstacles and the advantages in our way, recognizing that telling these apart is often the most difficult first step. In the coming years, the CBMH will extend its research efforts to do just that.

Ralph Didlake, MD, FACS
Director, Center for Bioethics and Medical Humanities