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Telehealth for Business

Keep employees healthier, happier, and on the job with convenient medical care, anywhere they need it.

If they’re out sick, let them see a doctor without even leaving their house. If they’re injured on the job, get them medical attention sooner, on site. If they have a minor medical problem, let them talk to a provider at their desk, rather than taking half a day off to go to a clinic. That’s what UMMC Telehealth can do for your business.

With UMMC Telehealth for Business, you can offer your staff access to:

  • UMMC 2 You, minor medical care right from their computer, tablet, or smartphone.
  • Remote patient monitoring to help them manage chronic diseases like asthma, diabetes, and heart problems.
  • Wellness programs to help employees lead healthier, happier lives.

Join leading Mississippi employers offering this valuable benefit.

A growing list of leading companies provide telehealth services for their employees, including BankPlus, Hol-Mac, and all of Mississippi's state agencies. The result? Productivity savings, reduced costs, and happier, healthier staff.

UMMC Telehealth is good for employees.

Give your team UMMC Telehealth and you provide them:

  • Fast, convenient medical care backed by an academic medical center.
  • A reliable source of health care answers and health education.
  • An effective way to help minimize expensive copays and minor medical visits.
  • Simple payment options and a nominal monthly participation fee.

UMMC Telehealth is good for employers.

UMMC Telehealth helps you support your employees and manage health care costs, with benefits that include:

  • Reduced absenteeism and increased employee productivity, morale, and engagement.
  • The ability to offer a valued benefit that shows your staff you truly care about their health.
  • A tool to help with employee recruitment and retention.
  • Cost savings, including the capability to counter employees' higher insurance deductibles for health coverage.

To learn more about UMMC Telehealth for Business,
email us at or call (601) 815-2020.