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Virtual intensive care monitoring supports caregivers and improves patient outcomes.

UMMC Telehealth offers eICU, an advanced monitoring system that connects UMMC critical care providers with 
ICU patients in other locations. eICU uses sophisticated audio/visual, real-time monitoring to continually observe
 and analyze a patient’s condition.

How eICU works

Our eICU specialists monitor critically ill patients remotely, 24/7. Using advanced technology, we watch vital signs, observe data trends, and alert bedside caregivers to changes in a patient’s condition. We also provide decision support and assistance for the bedside care team.

For patients with complex medical challenges, eICU acts as an additional safety measure, helping ensure quality care and lowering patient risk during their time in the ICU. This level of support can result in fewer complications, improved outcomes, and shorter stays.

Compared to hospitalization in a traditional ICU, patients additionally monitored by eICU are:

  • 26 percent more likely to survive the ICU.
  • Discharged from the ICU 20 percent faster.
  • 16 percent more likely to survive hospitalization and be discharged.
  • Discharged from the hospital 15 percent faster.

eICU services available through UMMC Telehealth include:

  • 24/7 two-way audio/visual technology and clinical decision support.
  • Telemetry and inpatient monitoring.
  • Real-time and retrospective and reporting tools.
  • Population management tools.

To find out more about eICU monitoring services, email us at telehealth@umc.edu or call (601) 815-2020.

eICU is a registered trademark of Philips VISICU.