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Biofeedback Counseling

Trained specialists at the University of Mississippi Medical Center offer biofeedback, a non-drug method of self-regulating behavior to manage acute and chronic pain, especially helpful to headache or migraine sufferers.

With training, patients can learn to control headache-related physical functions (breathing, heart rate, etc.) to prevent or minimize headaches. Electronic equipment senses changes in the body that signal a looming headache, alerting the patient to take steps to ward off the pain with relaxation, medication, or stress management.

Biofeedback training is offered through the headache clinic, and most patients are physician referrals.

Services we offer

  • Behavioral therapy
  • Biofeedback counseling
  • Headache intake evaluations/consultations

Biofeedback treatment for headache

Since it was first developed in the early 1970s, biofeedback training has been one of the principal non-drug methods for managing headaches. Applications of biofeedback for head pain management are based upon a simple concept: With training, headache sufferers can learn how to voluntarily control headache-related physical functions. This improved physical self-regulation may, in turn, help prevent or minimize their headaches.