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Medical genetics is the branch of medicine concerned with how hereditary and genetic factors play a role in causing a disease, birth defects, or inherited susceptibility to a health problem. The Division of Medical Genetics offers comprehensive evaluation and treatment for known or suspected inherited disorders.

Pediatric genetics focuses on the evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment of genetic causes of disease in children and adolescents. Our clinicians evaluate patients for dysmorphic features, metabolic conditions, and heritable syndromes. Additionally, we see individuals with personal or family histories of cancer as well as individuals with known mutations in the family. Our team members work together in an evaluation that often consists of patient history, family history, physical exam, and genetic testing. Finding a genetic cause can allow planning for the child’s current and future needs.

Our clinical team includes three board-certified geneticists, two nurse practitioners, four board-certified genetic counselors, and two metabolic dietitians who serve the adult, pediatric, and prenatal patient populations of Mississippi.

  • Chromosomal disorders
  • Down syndrome
  • Fragile X syndrome
  • Noonan syndrome
  • Children with Autism/Developmental delays
  • Connective tissue disorders
  • Congenital anomalies
  • Pediatric genetics consultations
  • Genetic counseling
  • Prenatal consults
  • Inpatient consults
  • Metabolic nutrition therapy
  • Genetic testing

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Planning Your Visit

We hope to make your visit to Children's of Mississippi as convenient as possible by providing resources that you may find useful when planning your visit. Click below to learn more about wayfinding, eCheck-in, and COVID-19 safety precautions.

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Family-friendly amenities to make your visit more comfortable.

Visitors to Sanderson Tower will find convenient spaces to eat, pick up last-minute items, rest, and reflect. Garage C, connected to Sanderson Tower by a covered walkway, offers the closest parking. It is easily accessed from Woodrow Wilson.

  1. Market Coffee

    Market Coffee (Sanderson Tower, Level G) is open daily with Starbucks® beverages, grab-and-go foods, and hot sandwiches.
  2. Gift Shop

    Children’s of Mississippi Gift Shop (Sanderson Tower, Level G) offers merchandise specially selected for pediatric patients and their parents, including stuffed animals, toys, snacks, and drinks.
  3. Interfaith Chapel

    The interfaith chapel (Sanderson Tower, Level G) is open 24 hours a day for quiet, meditation, and prayer.
  4. PICU/NICU Family Lounges

    The PICU (Level 3) and NICU floors (Levels 4 & 5) of Sanderson Tower feature lounges with refrigerators and washer dryers, where families of patients admitted to the PICU or NICU can eat, relax, and do laundry.

Meet Our Specialists

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At Children’s of Mississippi, our pediatric experts work together to complete a full circle of care for your child.

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