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Children's Hospital Medicine

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Children's of Mississippi includes a group of specialists dedicated to the general medical care for children admitted to the hospital. Hospital medicine, much like emergency medicine, is centered around a location for care (such as hospital) rather than a specific organ (such as heart), disease (cancer) or age (pediatrics).

Specially trained physicians, known as hospitalists, manage the clinical problems of acutely ill patients during their stay at our hospital. They work closely with emergency department physicians, primary care doctors, surgeons and other specialists to provide efficient, quality care from admission to discharge. Because of their expertise in inpatient care and primary presence in the hospital, hospitalists are able to diagnose unusual disorders, anticipate problems and rapidly respond to crises or changes in a patient's condition.


  • Patient care, including diagnosis, treatment and medical procedures
  • Collaboration, communication and coordination with other medical specialties to ensure quality care
  • Safe transitioning of patient care within the hospital, and from the hospital to the home environment

Meet Our Specialists

Batson Doctor

At Children’s of Mississippi, our pediatric experts work together to complete a full circle of care for your child.

Children's Hospital Medicine