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Cardiology Services

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Children's Cardiology Services

The heart program at Children's of Mississippi incorporates specialty care in all areas of heart defect and abnormality diagnosis and treatment, including care for irregular heart beats, catheter-based repairs and state-of-the-art imaging.

Specific tests and images help our cardiologists determine if there a problem with a child's heart. Some procedures are done by University of Mississippi Medical Center's radiology department, while others are performed by pediatric arrhythmia specialists and the echocardiogram program at Children's of Mississippi.

When cardiac intervention is needed, our specialists use their advanced skills to manipulate tiny catheters inside blood vessels to access and repair an anatomically challenged or weakened heart muscle.

Children with abnormally high or low heart rates benefit from the state’s only pediatric cardiac arrhythmia services. The specialized team fine-tunes the heart’s electrical system to provide a steady beat. If necessary, a board-certified pediatric cardiologist with special certification in pacing and defibrillation can implant a pacemaker and other device in young patients, including newborns and infants.