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Resident Wellness


We believe that our surgical residents are the most hardworking, fierce and compassionate physicians in the hospital whose journey through rigorous training poses unique challenges to our mental and physical wellbeing.  The goal of our wellness program is to improve the daily hospital experiences of our surgical residents by increasing availability and access to resources and to enhance departmental camaraderie by hosting regularly scheduled social events.   

Core Initiatives


  • Complimentary healthy snacks and beverages in the surgery resident lounge
  • Complimentary jackets and T-shirts
  • Monthly PGY class breakout sessions with wellness representatives to address class-specific needs
  • Private pumping room in the resident lounge
  • Surgery lounge therapy dogs
  • Monthly wellness half-days for appointments and errands


  • Four quarterly wellness events - ranging from crawfish boils to lakeside BBQs  
  • Intern Welcome Party Karaoke Night
  • Thursday Hepatology rounds with PD/APD
  • Holiday parties 

Wellness Leadership

The UMMC Surgery Residency Wellness Program is proudly resident-run to fully represent the needs of and carry out activities for our surgical residents. Our activities are departmentally funded with enthusiastic support from our chair, program director, faculty members and the Surgery Education Office.  Each PGY class is represented equally via peer selection of a class representative.  

Resident Wellness Leadership
Resident Leadership
Shireen Dogar, DODirector and Founder
Shireen Dogar, DOPGY-5 Representative
Victoria Prete, MDPGY-4 Representative
Daniella Dipaolo, MDPGY-3 Representative
Mackenzie Miller, MDPGY-2 Representative
TBAPGY-1 Representative
Surgery Education Office
Renee GreeneSenior Education Administrator