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Dr. Earl Receives Award

August 2022Mark-Earl-academy-20220823-01.jpg

Our Program Director, Dr. T. Mark Earl, was inducted into the Academy of Excellence in Education.  This is such an honor to be included in the inaugural group of educators.  Kudos to Dr. Earl!

3000th-Transplant-20220628-75.jpgUMMC’s landmark 3,000th transplant: Only child gives mom a kidney

July 5, 2022

When Tawanna Davis a quarter-century ago bore her son, Quinten Hogan, she gave him the gift of life. On June 28, Hogan returned the favor, giving his mom, who coped with end-stage renal failure, his left kidney. Hogan explains his selfless gift this way: My kidneys are her kidneys. Their “living donor” surgery made UMMC’s history books as the Medical Center’s 3,000th transplant since Dr. James Hardy in 1963 performed the world’s first lung transplant.

Class of 2022 Chief Residents celebrate at graduation banquet.  

June 2022

We are excited about our PGY-4's recently matching into fellowship programs 

May 2022


Miller Beazley in Vascular Surgery at Michigan State University


Brittany Johnson in Pediatric Surgery at University of Michigan


Drew Kropilak in Vascular Surgery at University of Tennessee-Knoxville


Taylor Shaw in Pediatric Surgery at University of Mississippi Medical Center