Vascular Surgery

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University of Mississippi Medical Center

UMMC aerial2.jpgThis is by far the busiest location. It is divided into two services, staffed by a total of four attendings. Each service is covered by a fellow. There are two interns and a dedicated PGY-2 resident covering nights. Vascular Surgery consults as well as vascular trauma consults are covered by these services.

Responsibilities are comprised of managing the services, running the team, and distributing the residents to cases.

The majority the high-volume, complicated vascular cases are seen while rotating at UMMC. The fellows are exposed to state-of-the-art complex endovascular therapy, including:

  • Traditional open aortic interventions for vascular diseases and traumatic vascular injuries

  • Endovascular trauma management

  • Thoracoabdominal aortic aneurysms

  • TEVARs for aortic dissections

  • Aneurysms and traumatic aortic injuries

  • Upper and lower extremity ischemia management

  • Open vascular reconstructions for oncologic procedures

  • Redo vascular interventions, specifically for explantation of infected vascular prosthesis

  • Deep venous space pathologies

  • Percutaneous management of pulmonary embolism

  • Anterior and thoracoabdominal spine exposure for the explantation and/or delivery of hardware

Due to the high volume of aortic pathology at all anatomical levels, there will be a wealth of opportunity with cardiac surgery in joint hybrid procedures, such as arch debranching and endografting.

St. Dominic’s Hospital

stdominic.jpgA private hospital ranked amongst the top hospitals in Mississippi, St. Dominic's Hospital is located just a block east from UMMC. Two full-time vascular surgeons each perform cases four to five days a week as well as maintain an OP clinic and a vascular laboratory alongside two full-time NPs. 

With two state-of-the-art hybrid operating rooms, they perform over 1,000 endovascular and open surgical procedures annually. The most common procedures are carotid endarterectomies, peripheral extremity endovascular interventions, EVARs, TEVARs, open lower-extremity bypasses, and hemodialysis access construction and maintenance.

G.V. "Sonny" Montgomery VA Hospital

VA-hospital.jpgYou engage mainly in the operative experience at the VA hospital adjacent to UMMC. The service is comprised of an intern for inpatient management and two mid-level providers assist with outpatient service.

Cases are mostly open vascular interventions such as carotid endarterectomies, lower-extremity bypasses, and hemodialysis access construction and maintenance.


Typical Rotation Schedule

Vascular A TeamVascular B TeamSt. Dominic's
July-AugustFellow 1Fellow 2Fellow 3
September-OctoberFellow 2Fellow 1Fellow 2
November-DecemberFellow 3Fellow 3Fellow 1
January-FebruaryFellow 1Fellow 2Fellow 3
March-AprilFellow 2Fellow 1Fellow 2
May-JuneFellow 3Fellow 3Fellow 1