Hand Surgery Fellowship

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Hand Fellowship Graduates

Class of 2025

Wood Dale
Wood Dale, MD
Miriam Henry
Miriam Henry, MD

Class of 2024

Jared Shoops
Jared Shoops, MD
Eric Waetjen
Eric Waetjen, MD

Class of 2023

Scott Glenzer
Scott Glenzer, MD
Ethan Paulin
Ethan Paulin, MD

Class of 2022

Tammam Hannah
Tammam Hannah, MD
Jacob Jabbour
Jacob Jabbour, DO

Class of 2021

Mark Dodson
Mark Dodson, MD
Somjade Songcharoen
Somjade Songcharoen, MD

Class of 2020

Hugo Palacios
Hugo Palacios, MD
Joseph Shung
Joseph Shung, MD

Class of 2019

Jarred Barber
Jarred Barber, MD
Justin McKinney
Justin McKinney, MD

Class of 2018

David Alvarez
David Alvarez, MD
Olabisi Ogunro
Olabisi Ogunro, MD

Class of 2017

David Rush
David Rush, MD
William Terral
William Terral, MD

Class of 2016

Rush Chapel
Rush Chapel, MD
Jacob Landes
Jacob Landes, DO

Class of 2015

Mary Ghere
Mary Ghere, MD
Aaron Weber
Aaron Weber, MD

Class of 2014

Jared Burkett
Jared Burkett, MD
Jason Clark
Jason Clark, MD

Class of 2013

James Osborne
James Osborne, MD
Brian Paff
Brian Paff, MD

Class of 2012

Christopher Keen
Christopher Keen, MD
Chad Nadler
Chad Nadler, MD

Class of 2011

Ivan Olarte
Ivan Olarte, MD
Daniel Williams
Daniel Williams, MD

Class of 2010

Fred Sailes
Fred Sailes, MD