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Past Chief Cardiothoracic Surgery Residents - 1969-79

Class of 1979

Class of 1978

Class of 1977

Class of 1976


Gerry Jeffcoat, MD

Bobby Heath.jpg

Bobby J. Heath, MD


John Selby, MD

Thomas Reuff.jpg

Thomas Reuff, MD

Class of 1975

Class of 1974

Class of 1973

Ralph Abraham.jpg

Ralph E. Abraham, MD

Ernesto Ching.jpg

Ernesto C. Ching, MD

Frank Collins.jpg

Frank B. Collins, MD

Class of 1972


Jack L. Ratliff, MD

Nazih Salam.jpg

Nazih L. Salam, MD

David Davis.jpg

David J. Davis, MD

Class of 1971

Class of 1970

Class of 1969

Seshandri Raju.jpg

Seshadri Raju, MD


Salim B. Saab, MD

Pandeli Anas.jpg

Pandeli Anas, MD