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2021 Seminar Series

Seminars are held from noon-1 p.m. Wednesdays in CW106. All students, faculty and staff are invited to attend. For more information, contact Courtney Graham in the Department of Physiology at (601) 984-1820.

01/06/2021Dr. Xuan LiEmpagliflozin attenuates heart failure by enhancing cardiac oxidative phosphorylation independent of anti-hyperglycemic effectsUMMC-Physiology
01/13/2021Dr. Zoltan NemethMolecular Mechanisms for Myogenic Autoregulation of Cerebral Blood FlowUMMC-Physiology
01/20/2021Dr. Yingjie ChenThe Effect of Cardiac and Lung Inflammation on Heart Failure Development and ProgressionUMMC-Physiology
01/27/2021Dr. Roberto MotterliniCarbon Monoxide: Modulator of Energetic Metabolism and Potential Therapeutic in ObesityInserm France (French National Institute of Health and Medical Research)
02/03/2021Dr. Erin TaylorThe Role of Obesity in the Pathogenesis of AutoimmunityUMMC-Physiology
02/10/2021Dr. Eric GeorgeThe Placental Glycocalyx: Defining the Maternal/Fetal BarrierUMMC-Physiology
02/17/2021Owen RichfieldMechanical Stress in the Glomerulus: Closing the Gap with Mathematical ModelingTulane University
03/03/2021Dr. Karl-Heinz WagnerThe Yellow Secrets- Bilirubin Metabolism in the Development and Prevention of Chronic DiseaseUniversity of Vienna
03/10/2021Dr. Zhen WangTransient Receptor Potential Cation Channel 6 (TRPC6) Deficiency Leads to Obesity and Metabolic DysfunctionUMMC-Physiology
03/17/2021Dr. Drew PruettMathematical Models of Developing Diastolic Heart Failure in HumModUMMC-Physiology
03/24/2021Dr. Jennifer HillInsulin, Fertility, and the BrainUniversity of Toledo
03/31/2021Dr. Gregory VercellottiHemolysis and Vaso-Occlusion: Response of the Vasculature in SCDUniversity of Minnesota
04/21/2021EB Practice Talks Osvaldo Rivera-Gonzalez: Knockout of the Endothelin B Receptor in Adipocytes Improves Insulin Sensitivity and the Metabolic
Profile of Male Mice Fed a High Fat Diet
EB Practice Talks
04/28/2021No SeminarExperimental Biology MeetingNo Seminar
05/05/2021Dr. Gordon WilliamsPersonalized Medicine: The Link Between People, Animals and CellsBrigham and Women's Hospital
05/12/2021Dr. Ana OmotoCardiac Protection by CNS Actions of Leptin after Ischemia/Reperfusion Injury UMMC-Physiology
05/19/2021Dr. Jody GreaneyVascular Dysfunction in Adults with Major Depression: Mechanisms and Modulators University of Texas, Arlington
05/26/2021Dr. Tamer MohamedNovel Approaches for Endogenous Heart RepairUniversity of Louisville School of Medicine
06/02/2021Dr. Camilla WenceslauThe Obligatory Role of the Microbiota in Vascular PhysiologyUniversity of Toledo
06/09/2021Dr. Bruno Moreira SilvaInteraction Among Reflexes for the Regulation of Exercise Hyperpnea in HumansFederal University of São Paulo
06/16/2021Dr. Barbara AlexanderPreeclampsia and Intrauterine Growth Restriction: Perinatal Interventions and Long-term Risk in the OffspringUMMC-Physiology
06/23/2021Dr. Victor GarciaCharacterizing the 20-HETE Receptor (GPR75)New York Medical College
06/30/2021Dr. Matthew PotthoffEndocrine Control of Energy Homeostasis by the LiverUniversity of Iowa
07/07/2021No SeminarIndependence Day HolidayNo Seminar
07/14/2021Dr. Romain HarmanceyCardiac Metabolism in Heart Failure: Novel Regulators and Therapeutic PerspectivesUMMC-Physiology
07/21/2021Dr. Frank SpradleyImpact of Swimming Exercise on Body Weight and Blood Pressure Regulation in Obese Pregnant RatsUMMC- Surgery
07/28/2021Dr. Martin YoungTemporal Alignment of Circadian Clocks, Metabolism, and Nutrient Intake: Implications for Heart DiseaseUniversity of Alabama Medical Center
08/04/2021Dr. Xu ChenUCP3 Insufficiency Exacerbates Left Ventricular Diastolic Dysfunction Druing Angiotensis II-induced HypertensionUMMC-Physiology
08/11/2021Dr. Alejandro ChadeRenal-cardio Pathophysiology in CKDUMMC-Physiology
08/18/2021Dr. Zoltan UngvariVascular Contributions to Age-Related Cognitive ImpairmentUniversity of Oklahoma
08/25/2021Dr. Gary LopaschukAlterations in Cardiac Energy Metabolism in the Failing HeartUniversity of Alberta
09/01/2021Dr. Jenny SonesMetabolic Basis of Disease in BPH/5 MiceLouisiana State University School of Veterinary Medicine
09/08/2021Dr. Joshua SpeedAdipose Tissue Endothelin-1 in the Pathophysiology of ObesityUMMC-Physiology
09/15/2021Dr. Heather DrummondIs There a Role for Degenerin Proteins in Immune Function?UMMC-Physiology
09/22/2021Dr. Kelly HyndmanLysine Acetylation in Fluid-Electrolyte BalanceUAB- Nephrology
09/29/2021No SeminarCouncil for High Blood Pressure ResearchNo Seminar
10/06/2021Dr. Thales BarbosaNeural Control of Circulation During Exercise in HypertensionUMMC-Physiology
10/13/2021John DasekeRole of Neutrophils in Wound Healing Following Myocardial InfarctionUMMC-Physiology
10/20/2021No SeminarNew Trends in Sex and Gender Medicine Virtual ConferenceAPS Conference
10/27/2021Dr. Jusasara do CarmoProgramming of Cardiometabolic Diseases by Parental ObesityUMMC-Physiology
11/03/2021Dr. Alexandre da SilvaThe CNS as an Important Target for Improving Glycemic Control and Cardiac FunctionUMMC-Physiology
11/10/2021Dr. Jefferson FrisbeeReversing Peripheral Vascular Disease: Restoration of System FunctionWestern University Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry
11/17/2021Dr. Alan MoutonMacrophage Metabolic Reprogramming in Ischemic Cardiac InjuryUMMC-Physiology
11/24/2021No SeminarThanksgiving HolidayNo Seminar
12/01/2021Dr. Yingjie ChenMechanism of T cells in Heart Failure Development and ProgressionUMMC-Physiology
12/08/2021Dr. David StecCardiovascular Disease in NAFLD:Unraveling MechanismsUMMC-Physiology
12/15/2021Dr. Gary Wayman

Will reschedule for 2022

Neurotrophic Actions of Leptin: What We Know and Where We Are Going 

Washington State University
12/22/2021No SeminarChristmas HolidayNo Seminar
12/29/2021No SeminarNew Year HolidayNo Seminar