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Dale, Wood W., MD

Dale, Wood W., MD
Program: Orthopedic Surgery & Rehabilitation
Year: PGY II
Hometown: Greenwood, MS
Undergrad School: University of Mississippi
Medical School: University of Mississippi School of Medicine

Why did you choose UMMC?: The Orthopaedic Department here at UMMC surprised me by offering me exactly what I wanted in an orthopedic residency while being so close to my home; a diverse spectrum of pathology and operative experience, an extremely robust trauma experience, early independence, and above-average number of repetitions. As well as the ability to work with some of the best surgeons and mentors around. The residency here holds you to a higher standard and in doing so, produces some of the most capable residents that I have seen. UMMC was my first choice, and I am very happy with the decision that I made, and I hope to continue the legacy that the surgeons and residents before me have set in place.