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Hulick, Robert "Miles" M., MD

Hulick, Robert "Miles" M., MD
Program: Orthopedic Surgery & Rehabilitation
Year: PGY V
Undergrad School: University of North Carolina, Wilmington
Medical School: Ross University School of Medicine
Fellowships: Trauma, University of Missouri, Columbia, MO

Why did you choose UMMC?: Smaller class size allows you to get to know your class and the residency program as a whole better. No in-fighting over cases between residents in the same class and among all classes. As a junior resident, you will always be paired with one or two more senior residents who are willing and happy to teach you the right way to do things. All the residents are very easy to work with and help to cover each other when personal or family issues arise. Blue-collar program that places high value on education and high case volume. By the end of any residency, you should be able to operate independently in a community practice and this residency prepares exceedingly well. That bears repeating, you will be competent in the operating room when you graduate. Faculty from this program are well known within the orthopedic community, which helps in getting into competitive fellowships. Faculty are very engaged in education, with 3 hours of faculty lecture per week. Leadership of the program is very stable and continues to steer the program in an ever-positive direction. You will not find a chairman and program director combination in the country like what we have here. Very much a “diamond in the rough” in that this program will vastly exceed any expectations you may have for an orthopedic program in Mississippi. I would dare say the training here is second to none after meeting with residents of other programs at conferences.