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Drake, Luke C., MD

Drake, Luke C., MD
Program: Orthopedic Surgery & Rehabilitation
Hometown: Southlake, TX
Undergrad School: Mississippi College
Medical School: University of Mississippi School of Medicine

Why did you choose UMMC?: Being a student at UMMC, I was able to see for several years the direction and training that the residents received here. I observed first-hand how not only the residents helped, taught and looked out for each other, but also how the staff were actively engaged with the residents. My true appreciation for the program didn’t surface until my fourth-year. I completed four away rotations as well as my home program in hopes of being able to prove myself as a capable applicant. I rotated at well-respected and competitive programs that perhaps have more national notoriety than we do in Jackson. During each rotation, I noticed more and more how impressive the residents in Mississippi were compared to what I was witnessing. The graduated autonomy was second to none. I met some great program directors and chairmen while rotating and interviewing, but I did not meet a pair better than we have here. Each staff member takes a personal interest in your development and is willing and available to help you flourish. Being the only Level 1 trauma center for the state ensures that we don’t lack for more operative experiences. This is a blue- collar program, one that pushes you past where you thought you could go, and expects a great deal in order to help you become the best doctor you can be. As someone who learns best by being hands on and applying knowledge and not mostly reading about it, this was the perfect place for me. Give Jackson a chance, it’s truly a hidden treasure!