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Dental School Courses

First year

  • 600. Gross Anatomy. This course consists of a (1) detailed dissection of the head and neck with an in-depth study of the osteology of the skull, and (2) dissection of the arm, shoulder, thorax, abdomen and back. The dissection laboratories are supplemented with lectures to present a basic understanding of human anatomy. Sessions on the nervous system will emphasize cranial nerves, especially the trigeminal and will include an overview of gross brain anatomy, motor and sensory systems. Appropriate clinical correlations are included in both lecture and laboratory sessions. Spring semester. (14 semester hours.)
  • 601. Microscopic Anatomy. This integrated course consists of (1) an in-depth structural, functional and developmental survey of cells, tissues and organs; (2) an analysis of the basic concepts of developmental anatomy, and (3) an intensive study of the microscopic composition and development of oral and facial structures. Fall semester. (8 semester hours.)