Applicant Evaluation and Decisions

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Personal Attributes

The admissions committee values applicants who possess the following personal attributes.

Written communication skills

Clear and well organized presentation of ideas, such as an applicant's motivation for a career in medicine and observations, personal growth, and value of acquired experiences


Motivation to seek, participate in or initiate activities independent of groups, leadership role in sustaining a group or founding a new group.

Interacting with people

Written evidence of empathy, compassion and altruism for diverse people

Motivation for medicine

Extent of interest expressed both in writing and participation in health-related activities


Year-by-year evaluation of credit hours taken and time committed to employment and extracurricular activities

Desire to learn

Academic achievement beyond the minimum prerequisites or degree requirements including single/multiple majors/minors/degrees, and honors college enrollment

The first four attributes are scored by the same three Admissions File Review Committee (AFRC) members who score the applicant's experiences. AFRC members have limited access to American Medical College Application Service (AMCAS) application Work/Activities and Essay sections only. Scores are based on reading these sections of the application and evaluating what the applicant has done to illustrate initiative, interaction with diverse people, and motivation for medicine as well as the clarity with which this has been conveyed in the written application.

The admissions staff scores workload and desire to learn.

Attribute scores are used to screen applicants for interviews, render admissions committee decisions and post-application counseling for unsuccessful applicants.