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Accepted Applicants

Acceptance to this medical school is conditional; the admissions committee may rescind an offer of acceptance at any time before matriculation if an applicant fails to maintain expectations upon which the acceptance was based. Examples include, but are not limited to, a significant decline in academic performance, failure to complete prerequisites or other course work and degrees in progress, patterns of unprofessional behavior and incidents discovered in a criminal background check.

Upon notification of acceptance into the UMMC School of Medicine (SOM), an applicant will be provided online access to several areas of information. Forms must be read, completed and submitted electronically within 15 days after the date of notification of acceptance. Failure to do so within the specified period may automatically void the offer of acceptance.

  • Information and instructions
  • Statement of acceptance - A convenient form for an applicant to indicate his/her intention to attend this medical school.
  • Criminal background check (CBC) form - Provides a link to this medical school's CBC policies and procedures, a summary of the two-step CBC process and a reminder of an applicant's responsibility to inform the Admissions Office if you are convicted of, or plead guilty or no contest to, a misdemeanor or felony crime after the date of your original application submission and prior to medical school matriculation. This communication must be in writing and must occur within thirty days of the occurrence of the conviction.
  • Technical standards - A description of technical standards applicants are expected to meet for admission, retention, promotion and certification as a MD. Space is provided to describe accommodations that might be required for an applicant to meet these standards.
  • Academic accommodations - A description of academic accommodations policies and procedures to request them. A link is provided to the academic accommodations request form.
  • White coat ceremony - A form that enables an accepted applicant to verify the listing of his/her name and specify the size of the coat that he/she will receive at a ceremony held during orientation.

Multiple acceptances

While more than 85% of the applicants who are offered an acceptance to this medical school ultimately enroll at this medical school, applicants are encouraged to find the medical school that best suits their vision and needs. Therefore, submitting a statement of acceptance does not preclude considering offers from other medical schools. However, in consideration of logistics (moving, housing and financial aid) that alternates must contend with, applicants accepted to this medical school should not hold multiple acceptances beyond May 15 at which time they will be contacted and asked to either withdraw other acceptances or relinquish their acceptance to this school.

More to know

Accepted applicants are encouraged to consult the UMMC SOM Student Affairs and SOM Office of Medical Education web pages for useful information.

  • Contact information
    Accepted applicants must keep all contact information (especially email address, preferred mailing address and telephone numbers) updated in their AMCAS application until they arrive for orientation.
  • Start date
    Mandatory orientation and registration for the class is normally the second Wednesday of August. The associate dean for student affairs will mail more details during the summer. For questions, call (601) 984-5012.
  • Laptop computers and more
    Students must provide their own laptop computer and Interwrite PRS RF clicker, required textbooks and special equipment, including stethoscopes and dissecting instruments, as specified throughout the course of study. These items are normally available through the UMMC Bookstore. For more information about computer needs, click here.
  • M1-M2 buddy list
    Incoming first-year medical (M1) students are paired with second-year medical (M2) students who can provide valuable advice and resources. M1 students are encouraged to consult the buddy list and establish contact with their assigned M2 student during the summer. The list is updated each year by late June and a required password is emailed to incoming students.