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October 2020

  1. Pendleton, John E. (Atlanta, GA, US), Hursh, Daniel H. (Roswell, GA, US), Pitz, Mary Katlyn (Atlanta, GA, US), Stronach, Benjamin Mckee (Madison, MS, US) 2020 HIP AND KNEE JOINT STEM EXPLANT SYSTEM AND METHODS OF USING THE SAME United States Tightline Development, LLC. (Atlanta, GA, US) 20200121474

    Conventional, primary total hip and knee replacement is a proven operation that results in improved hip mobility and function in patients. As with any other mechanical implant, a total joint replacement is subject to various forms of mechanical wear and biological conditions which can result in mechanical or biological failure. Such a failure may require a reoperation of the joint replacement to address the cause of failure and its consequences. A reoperation of a total joint replacement is called a revision. Accordingly, it is desirable to provide a system that can assist the surgeon in removing the implant in an efficient manner with the least amount of damage to the bone and surrounding tissue.