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Clinical Clerkship and Elective Evaluation Process

Each of these evaluation types is assigned and completed within MedHub. The course administrator usually assigns all evaluations, except as noted below. It is possible, however, to require students or faculty to initiate various types of evaluations without the need for clerkship administrator intervention. If this method is used, please contact the Office of Medical Education for assistance and ensure that the students are notified of this requirement and any effects on their grades and evaluations in both the syllabus and at clerkship orientation.

Formative Evaluations
• Completed by the course director or designee by the midpoint of the clerkship.
• May be completed earlier in the clerkship.
• Clinical evaluations of students, if completed by the midpoint may also count as formative feedback.
Summative Evaluations
• Completed by faculty and residents at the end of clinical experiences.
• Due within 1 week or the end of the course.
Final Evaluations
• Completed by the course director or designee within 2 weeks of the end of a course/clerkship.
• Are automatically assigned by MedHub.
Faculty and Resident Evaluations
• Any time a faculty or resident evaluaties a student, the student should have the opportunity to evaluate that clinician.
Course Evaluations
• Assigned to the student automatically at the end of each course or clerkship.