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Curriculum Management

The School of Medicine curriculum is centrally managed by the Curriculum Committee. The Curriculum Committee has the responsibility of developing and implementing a coordinated and integrated curriculum. Its charge is to oversee the design, management, and evaluation of the educational program of the School of Medicine. The committee is empowered by the dean to work in the best interest of the students and the institution without regard for political or departmental pressures.

The Curriculum Committee, under the leadership of the Vice Dean for Medical Education, works to develop and implement a coherent and coordinated curriculum in which there is logical sequencing of various segments of the curriculum, coordination within and across the academic periods of study and appropriate method of pedagogy and evaluation to meet the educational program objectives of the School of Medicine. The committee manages the curriculum by evaluating the program's effectiveness, monitoring content and workload in each discipline, and reviewing objectives of courses and clerkships to assure congruence with overall school objectives. These responsibilities are fulfilled by seven subcommittees and the steering committee. See the organizational management chart for more details.

Courses, clerkships, and rotations are managed by course directors. Click on the links below to access a list of the course directors for each of the four years in the MD program. The Course Director’s Guide outlines the responsibilities of course directors as well as relevant guidelines for the development, revision, and implementation of courses.