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Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy, a part of UMMC's School of Health Related Professions, offers a doctoral degree in physical therapy (DPT) as well as three residency programs. At UMMC, DPT students have the unique educational advantages afforded by being a part of Mississippi's only academic medical center.

Students entering UMMC's physical therapy doctoral degree program are required to have an undergraduate degree. Once admitted to the program, they attend classes and clinical experiences full-time for a curriculum that crosses three years. One-year residency programs in neurologic physical therapy, sports physical therapy and pediatric physical therapy are available on a competitive basis for those already licensed as physical therapists.

As a physical therapist, graduates will provide hands-on health care by examining, designing and implementing physical therapy interventions for patients through the lifespan. The therapist helps individuals prevent injury and overcome movement dysfunction through exercise, education, assistive devices and physical procedures.

For the community and individuals, the therapist provides health promotion and prevention consultation, assesses the living environment and recommends adaptations to eliminate architectural barriers. Psychological, sociological and economic factors must be considered when interacting with clients/patients and community groups.

The physical therapy profession offers career advancement in areas such as education, clinical specialization, management, performing arts, professional sports consultation and research.

Employment opportunities include hospitals, private practices, rehabilitation centers, home health agencies, industry, research centers, health maintenance organizations, sports medicine centers, nursing homes, community centers, wellness centers, outpatient clinics and school settings.

About our programs

Doctoral degree

This entry-level professional program takes 36 months to complete. Students attend class full-time beginning in the summer session each year. There is a strong clinical component to the curriculum in this program.

Students (DPT) who satisfactorily complete the program will be awarded the doctor of physical therapy degree from the University of Mississippi and are eligible to apply to take the examination for licensure to practice as a physical therapist in all 50 states.


This program offers one-year residencies in neurologic physical therapy, sports physical therapy and pediatric physical therapy for licensed physical therapists. 

Important dates

  • July 1 - Online DPT application process opens
  • October 1 - Deadline for DPT application and supporting documents
  • November - February - Residency applications accepted

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The Doctor of Physical Therapy degree program at the University of Mississippi Medical Center, School of Health Related Professions, is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education (CAPTE). For more information:

Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education
3030 Potomac Ave., Suite 100
Alexandria, Virginia 22305-3085
(703) 706-3245. Email.
If needing to contact the program/institution directly, call (601) 984-6330 or email mlauderdale@umc.edu.

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Physical Therapy is one of the many programs offered at UMMC's School of Health Related Professions. It offers a doctoral degree and three residency programs.

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