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Dr. Jessica Bailey, the first woman to serve as dean of SHRP and a graduate of the school, is retiring after nine years in the role.

SHRP Dean retires to accept dream job: full-time grandmother of six

Tuesday, May 31, 2022

After nine years, Dr. Jessica Bailey, the first woman to serve as SHRP dean, retires, leaving a legacy of advocacy, transformative leadership and excellence. Read More

School of Medicine graduates Hunter Altman, left, and Adam Goodman fist bump prior to commencement.

Photo Gallery: Graduates smile after reaching educational milestone

Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Family and friends were on hand to cheer on UMMC’s 2022 graduates for earning degrees ranging from baccalaureate to doctorates. Ceremonies Friday at Mississippi Coliseum were the first to include six health sciences schools since 2019. Read More

UMMC celebrates 959 May 2022 graduates across six health sciences schools

Hundreds of UMMC graduates earned degrees in the health sciences Friday during a ceremony at Mississippi Coliseum. The number of degrees conferred this year showed an increase of 97 from 2021, reflecting the Medical Center’s efforts to meet the state’s health care needs.

Published on Friday, May 27, 2022

#UMMCGrad2022: Former attorney leaves staff position to pursue love of science

Sixteen years after changing her major from chemistry to psychology and ultimately becoming an attorney, Clare “Alex” Lowman is finally achieving her dream of becoming a scientist.

Published on Monday, May 9, 2022

SHRP recognizes Alumnus of the Year, Early Career Achievement

A critical care flight paramedic and professional volleyball player was honored as Alumnus of the Year, while a physical therapist and assistant professor received the Early Career Achievement Award during SHRP Alumni Day to a virtual room of colleagues, faculty, and fellow alumni.

Published on Monday, April 11, 2022

The size is right: Campus enrollment climbs

For the third year in a row, Medical Center schools as a whole have boosted the number of students who have decided to make health care careers their goal as the state’s future nurses, scientists, doctors, dentists, speech pathologists, occupational or physical therapists, among many more. In the face of the pandemic and personal crises, they have prevailed.

Published on Monday, November 15, 2021

Seven schools and six ways from Sunday: Students, faculty brazen out COVID surge

Published on Monday, August 16, 2021

Sky’s the limit for SHRP’s first OTD graduates

Published on Monday, June 28, 2021

From visitor to student to faculty, SHRP alum comes full circle

Published on Monday, June 14, 2021

#UMMCGrad2021: Record-keeper to tassel-turner: Registrar secures DHA in hand

Published on Monday, May 24, 2021

Scholars program uncovers mystery behind MLS profession

Published on Monday, January 4, 2021

#UMMCGrad2020: Health Sciences duo proud to be UMMC’s first C2C grads

Published on Friday, May 22, 2020

Medical scribe program strives to deliver the write fit

Published on Monday, December 30, 2019

SHRP gift: Former nursing coordinator's family gives ergonomic donation

Published on Friday, August 23, 2019

Illness keeps rad sciences student from Commencement, not graduation

Published on Thursday, May 30, 2019

UMMC confers 853 degrees in health sciences professions

Published on Friday, May 24, 2019

#UMMCGrad19: MHS Program bolsters flight nurse’s career opportunities

Published on Monday, May 20, 2019

SHRP Alumnus of Year uses D.H.A. skills to lead Children’s of Mississippi

Published on Monday, February 18, 2019

Video: Children with Down syndrome make strides with PT faculty's grant

Published on Monday, December 17, 2018

UMMC PT in the pros: Sports resident delivers care at Saints camp

Published on Monday, September 10, 2018

Video: Saddle up! SHRP students' activities bolster horse trail therapy

Published on Monday, July 23, 2018

#UMMCGrad18: SHRP graduate overcomes rare genetic disorder to earn PT degree

Published on Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Board names Delta physical therapist SHRP Alumnus of the Year

Published on Thursday, April 12, 2018

Faculty member bears witness, scars from voting rights crusades

Published on Thursday, February 15, 2018