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Omics, Bioinformatics, and Flow Cytometry Core

genomics-faculty-and-staff.jpgThe Molecular/Genomics and Genetically Engineered Animal Models Core C provides COBRE investigators and those at our partner institutions with access to equipment and technical expertise to perform a wide variety of molecular, genetic, microarray and gene expression studies experiments that would otherwise not be possible.

Core C also provides researchers at UMMC and our partner institutions with access to a novel transgenic and knockout mouse and rat models of obesity, cardiovascular, renal and metabolic disease that are only available at UMMC.The Core staff is dedicated to providing a coordinated and collaborative resource to support COBRE investigators. They maintain all the equipment and provide training, technical support, and supervision for investigators,staff and their students in the proper utilization of the equipment and analytical tools and interpretation of the data generated.

The establishment of the Molecular/Genomics and Genetically Engineered Animal Model Core has become feasible at UMMC in the last year due to major institutional investments to purchase a Beckman CEQ 8000XL GeXP Sequencer, Affymetrix GeneChip and GeneAtlas Instruments, a high resolution Scanner, a BioRad iQ5 real-time PCR system, LIC or fluorescent scanner and Biorad Chemidoc XPS to upgrade our ability to perform microarrays, SNP genotyping, sequencing, real time PCR, and Western blots.

The Molecular/Genomics facility at UMMC currently is the only facility of its kind in the state. Similarly, the Genetically Engineered Animal Facility has the ability to produce transgenic and knockout rodents and currently has 60 transgenic and gene knock out strains of mice and rats useful for the study of diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular and renal disease that are uniquely available at UMMC.

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