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Dialysis Services

Dialysis mimics the body's process for cleaning the blood, a task normally performed by functioning kidneys. UMMC provides a variety of options for comprehensive dialysis care.

Outpatient dialysis

In addition to patient care in the hospital, UMMC nephrologists provide outpatient dialysis care at the Jackson Medical Mall. We also offer hemodialysis in pregnancy and other special conditions.

Nocturnal dialysis

UMMC also offers a nighttime dialysis program, which allows qualified patients to receive treatments while spending the night at the clinic several times a week. This option allows patients to maintain a normal daily routine, such as work and school, while continuing necessary treatments. Nocturnal dialysis takes 8 to 10 hours compared to the 3- to 4-hour process at the outpatient clinic.

Home dialysis

The UMMC home dialysis training unit teaches patients with end-stage renal disease to perform hemodialysis or peritoneal dialysis at home and provides patients with continual medical and educational support. The unit is located at the Jackson Medical Mall and serves patients throughout Jackson and the surrounding areas.

Any patient who qualifies for home therapy is accepted for training in this unit regardless of home location. However, patients must attend clinic once a month. Each patient will have a care plan established by our multidisciplinary team, who will continually assess education and retrain patients when necessary.