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About the Center for Maternal and Fetal Care

UMMC's Center for Maternal and Fetal Care offers the support of a variety of specialists who form a customized care team based on each expectant mother’s unique needs, ensuring compassionate, individualized care for pregnancies and births that might need extra attention - all under one roof.  

The center, located on the ground floor of Wiser Hospital for Women and Infants, has the largest group of maternal-fetal subspecialists in the state as well as a comprehensive team of pediatric subspecialists and support services. Our center uses leading-edge technology to diagnose and manage unique and complicated pregnancies, all in a caring environment focused on the expectant mother and her unborn baby. The Center for Maternal and Fetal Care partners with other fetal centers of excellence across the country to ensure that each individual receives the highest level of specialized care.

First visits to our center

Expectant mothers may be referred to the Center for Maternal and Fetal Care by their obstetrician-gynecologist (OB-GYN) for a variety of reasons. Our maternal-fetal medicine specialists work in conjunction with the expectant mother’s referring OB-GYN to provide advanced care. During the first visit, pregnant mothers can expect the following:

  • Meet with our maternal-fetal medicine team.
  • Advanced ultrasound imaging will be performed based on each mother's individual needs. 

For some mothers, this may complete their maternal-fetal evaluation. Our maternal-fetal medicine specialists will communicate the results to the expectant mother’s primary OB-GYN, who will continue to follow her through the duration of her pregnancy.

Some mothers may be offered continued care through our Center for Maternal and Fetal Care.

Continued care journey

Female physician performs expectant mother's 3D sonogramBased on the expectant mothers initial evaluation, our team will make individualized recommendations for advanced diagnostic assessment and expert subspecialty care.

Advanced diagnostic assessment

Expectant mothers may benefit from further assessment with advanced diagnostic imaging, procedures and testing.

  • Advanced diagnostic imaging may include: 3-D and 4-D ultrasound with multivessel Doppler, fetal MRI and fetal echocardiogram.
  • Further diagnostic procedures may include: amniocentesis, cystocentesis, percutaneous umbilical blood sampling with intrauterine blood transfusion (PUBS), vesicoamniotic shunt and thoracoamniotic shunt.
  • Maternal and fetal genetic testing.

Expert subspecialty care

If our team of maternal-fetal medicine specialists determines that advanced care is needed, the Center for Maternal and Fetal Care offers consultations with a large pool of nationally recognized expert subspecialists to provide highly customized care for complex pregnancies. Together our subspecialists comprise a highly customized care team for mother and child. This skilled team of experts will create a birth plan and be there every step of the way - before, during and after delivery.

As a part of Children's of Mississippi, our center provides seamless continuity of care from delivery through infancy, even into childhood. Children's of Mississippi includes the state's only hospital devoted to caring for children of all ages.

How to Find Us

The Center for Maternal and Fetal Care is located on the first floor of Wiser Hospital for Women and Infants. Park in Garage B.

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