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Patient Support Services

In the battle against cancer, it’s important to have a solid support system, including family, friends, and a care team. The UMMC Cancer Center and Research Institute can also help by connecting patients to information and services before, during, and after treatment.  

Support services we offer:

Social services

Our cancer care teams include social workers to help connect patients to support groups and emotional counseling. Our social workers can help arrange transportation to and from treatments for those living in the Jackson metro area or help find free or low-cost lodging for out-of-town patients. Our social workers can help find services to make all treatments and appointments as convenient as possible.

Some patients require special services or equipment at home after treatment, and we can help with that as well. Our social workers have lists of equipment suppliers, home health agencies, and other local services. Along with our patient care advocates, they can help patients apply for financial assistance to offset the cost of treatment and treatment-related prescriptions.

Ask your cancer care coordinator to refer you to a social worker, if needed.

The American Cancer Society also offers an ACS navigator at the Cancer Center and Research Institute outpatient clinics to connect patients with services the ACS offers, including lodging at the Gertrude C. Ford Hope Lodge.

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Appearance room

The UMMC Cancer Center and Research Institute has a special room for patients who have lost their hair while undergoing cancer treatments. The appearance room allows patients to gather privately or with others to select wigs, turbans, scarves, and other fashion items free of charge. Contact a Cancer Center and Research Institute social worker for information.  

The Appearance Room also features artwork done in a painting classes to brighten the walls and commemorate the seasons. Some patients may choose to participate, too, sharing their paintings with others for a few weeks. 

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Support groups

Many patients find help and comfort from other survivors at local support groups or online groups. Whether face-to-face or through the internet, support groups can provide information, encouragement, and answers to everyday questions. Many of the groups are run by cancer survivors who intimately know the problems patients may encounter. UMMC Cancer Center and Research Institute social workers can help find a local group or, if one is not available, help establish a new one.

Some online resources include:

  • American Cancer Society offers many support groups, programs, and resources for cancer survivors. Call the ACS Mississippi office at (800) 227-2345 or visit the ACS website for more information. The ACS also has an online cancer survivors network.  

  • Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s Mississippi/Louisiana chapter offers programs for adults and children battling blood cancers. Visit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society website.

  • American Lung Association in Mississippi offers programs for patients with respiratory problems or lung cancer. Patients share stories, experiences, how they manage their disease, and new products and medical advances which have helped them. Contact the Jackson office of Mississippi ALA at (601) 206-5810 or view ALA online resources.  

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Patient resource center

Patients have access to free books, brochures, pamphlets, DVDs, computers, and other materials on cancer and cancer-related topics thanks to a gift from the Diane Powell family. The Patient Resource Center is near the main waiting room in the Cancer Center and Research Institute Outpatient Clinic in Jackson Medical Mall

The center is open from 8 a.m.-4 p.m., Monday-Friday. Enjoy quiet time between appointments, or come in with family or friends to learn more about cancer and treatment options. Two computers are also available for research, and staff is on hand to assist, if needed. 

The American Cancer Society also has information specialists available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer questions. They will help find local resources and information on cancer. Call the ACS Cancer Helpline at (800) 227-2345, or visit to chat with an online representative.

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Counseling services

Cancer can be an emotional time for patients and families, and the UMMC Cancer Center and Research Institute offers several layers of help. From social workers and clergy with experience in counseling to psychologists and psychiatrists with experience in cancer care, those who are depressed, anxious, or otherwise having trouble can find someone who will listen. Our psychologists can provide counseling to individuals and families, and psychiatrists can also provide counseling and medication, when needed. Our staff works together to be sure patients see the person who can best help with emotional needs.

  • Ask a Cancer Center and Research Institute doctor or social worker for a referral, or call the UMMC Access Center at (601) 815-2005 and request counseling services.

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Faith-based services

UMMC chaplains are available to meet with patients and family at University Hospital or the Jackson Medical Mall upon request. Our interfaith pastoral care offices, chapel, and quiet room are located in University Hospital. Interfaith chaplains can pray with families, provide counseling, and help with sacraments, religious rites and rituals, end of life issues, and grief care and support. Our chaplains can also connect patients to interfaith leaders and clergy in the community.

  • Ask a cancer care team member about speaking with a chaplain, or call the pastoral care office at (601) 815-2112. 

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UMMC provides free translation and interpretive services for patients who do not speak English as their first language. We can provide access to a Spanish interpreter or a Choctaw liaison. For other languages, we can connect to interpreters through a language line phone service. These interpreters, credentialed and skilled in medical terminology, speak 204 languages. Arrangements can be made for an interpreter for the deaf, use of a TTD, or other materials for the hearing-impaired. We also have materials in Braille for the blind. Please request an interpreter, if needed, when scheduling appointments.

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Billing and insurance support

We have staff on hand to discuss questions about billing and insurance. For those receiving treatment at the Jackson Medical Mall, Cancer Center and Research Institute staff members can help sort through the billing maze.

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Contact your social worker to see if you qualify for free lodging at the American Cancer Society Gertrude C. Ford Hope Lodge or at for a privately run home for adults undergoing medical treatment called Hope House of Hospitality. Social workers also can provide a list of area hotels that offer discounted rate for adult patients.

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