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Ageless Eyes: Cosmetic Eye Procedures

As part of Mississippi’s only academic medical center, our board-certified surgeon at the Face and Skin Center is highly trained in a range of procedures. This experience and focus on patient communication helps give our patients exceptional outcomes.

Because the skin and structures surrounding the eyes can show signs of aging more quickly than other areas of the face, we offer a number of procedures to address these concerns.

Our oculoplastic surgeon is an ophthalmologist with specialized training in plastic surgery for the eyes and their surrounding facial structures (eyelids, eye sockets, tear ducts). With this proficiency, outpatient eye surgery at the Face and Skin Center is available for treating medical conditions, such as drooping eyelids, that impede vision. The result can also offer a more youthful appearance. Some medical conditions may be covered by insurance.

Eye procedures we offer include:

Eyelid lift, or blepharoplasty: Surgery can be performed on the upper lids, lower lids or both. These procedures can treat a variety of issues to improve your appearance and correct problems that may interfere with your vision.

Drooping eyelid repair: This procedure corrects conditions that cause the lower eyelid to droop outwardly (ectropion) or inwardly (entropion), exposing the inner surface of the eyelid. In addition to its effect on appearance, this condition can also cause the eyes to be excessively dry and create problems with tearing.

Reconstructive eyelid and orbital surgery: This procedure may be performed as part of treatment for tumors in the eye socket, following surgical biopsy or for management of tumors.

Correction of tearing: This procedure treats tear system blockage surgically.

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