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COVID-19 Equipment Removal Process: Non-disposable Respiratory-Related Equipment

Last update: March 23, 2020

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All non-disposable equipment example: Flowmeter, high flow oxygen devices, ventilators, BiPAP, video laryngoscopes, oxygen cylinders, oxygen holders, nitric oxide units, syringe pumps

Cleaning equipment will start in the patient’s room.

  • Must have proper PPE during cleaning.
  • Move equipment to be removed close to the patient door.
  • Remove all disposable parts/pieces and discard in red biohazard bag.
  • Perform hand hygiene with gloved hands.
  • Clean equipment with appropriate wipes (orange top or purple top based on manufacture instructions).
    • All surfaces of equipment must be cleaned
    • Surface must be left to dry for manufacture required time (Purple top – 2 mins and Orange top – 4 mins)
    • Equipment is passed to assistant outside room (Ante room preferred)
  • Staff member inside patient room then doffs PPE and performs hand hygiene
  • Doff face shield
  • Exit patient’s room and perform hand hygiene
  • Doff N95 respirator and perform hand hygiene
  • Don gloves
  • Re-wipes equipment with appropriate wipes and then allowing for appropriate surface dry time
  • Doff gloves and perform hand hygiene.
  • Equipment is safe to continue regular reprocessing.


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