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Code Blue Process

Last update: March 17, 2020


Pre-code preparedness

  • It is imperative that Code Blue is prevented in these patients; mandatory evaluation by the ICU service is required when the patient has an oxygen requirement of 5L/min
  • MICU attending physician will carry the Code Blue pager
  • Anesthesia/CC from SICU will carry Code Blue pager
  • Nighttime intensivist will carry Code Blue pager
  • MED-COM will include COVID for Code Blue on these patients
  • Code team
    • Attending/Night intensivist/SICU-Anesthesia CC
    • Critical care RN/charge nurse
    • Transport nurse
    • Transport respiratory therapist
    • Respiratory supervisor
  • CC Pharmacy and ward pharmacist will be present but not enter room; pharmacy code kits will be prepared and available specifically for COVID patients. May hand medications to MD or RN in PPE prior to room entry.
  • Transportable PAPR for physician and respiratory therapist

Code Blue checklist

  • Floor team/RN identifies arrest - call code blue
  • Code cart and defibrillator is pulled into room as per usual
  • Place surgical mask on patient and start compressions – do not attempt airway or bag-valve mask intubation
  • Code team arrives and dons PPE
  • If daytime, MICU attending and SICU anesthesia/CC attending discuss best airway options and choose operator.
  • Anyone not designated on the code team must leave the room
  • ACLS led by attending or designee
  • High consideration for placement of LMA as temporary airway, otherwise proceed to COVID Intubation Checklist
  • ROSC or death declared


  • ROSC or death declared
  • If ROSC, proceed to COVID ICU Transfer Checklist
  • If death, proceed to handling of COVID+ death patients
  • Appropriate equipment decontamination prior to doffing PPE
  • Doff PPE and perform hand hygiene
  • Medicine resident may serve as the pathway director
  • Full debrief


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