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Contracting with UMMC

This web page provides information for vendors who are interested in contracting for goods and/or services with the University of Mississippi Medical Center. 


It is the goal of UMMC to promote and maximize competition in the purchasing of goods and services.  If you have not worked with UMMC or sold to the State of Mississippi before, we welcome you to do so.  If you have worked with us in the past, we thank you for your previous participation and encourage your participation in the future.


Specifically designated contract signatories have the sole authority to obligate UMMC for any contractual obligations. UMMC will assume only those obligations evidenced by a contract signed by an authorized contract signatory. See Resources/Forms for UMMC's Contract Signature Policy. 


To gain access to our facilities and be eligible for business with UMMC, vendors must register with our credentialing and compliance monitoring system, GHX VendorMate Credentialing. Visit UMMC Supply Chain Management for more information or to register. 

Out-of-state vendors may be required to register with the MS Secretary of State to do business in the state prior to contracting with UMMC. Visit the Secretary of State's website for more information or to register.

Tax exempt

Pursuant to Mississippi law, UMMC is exempt from state sales and use taxes. UMMC will not pay excise, personal property, income, value added, or other similar taxes. 

Public records requests

Pursuant to Mississippi Public Records Act of 1983, M.C.A. Section 25-61-1, et seq., all requests for public records should be made utilizing the Public Records Request Form