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DAISY Award Past Winners - Hospital

Jennifer Alexander, RN II

Portrait of Jennifer Alexander

Batson Community Clinic
DAISY Award Winner, May 2020

From the nomination...
My son was admitted to 3C for immunotherapy to hopefully keep his cancer from coming back. This is one of several infusions and we know that he will have severe side effects.  He has done fairly well with other rounds. During this round, however, he started having a lot of trouble breathing, rash, needing oxygen and breathing treatments, and scheduled for medicines for reactions. The 3C staff were on top of his condition at the first sign of an issue. Yesterday after all this happened, we were told Lane was being sent home to get well before trying again-and Lane wasn't happy. I'm looking puzzled at him, thinking "what"?  It's not like him to not be happy about going home. I asked him why, and he says, "I wanted to see Jennifer!"  She is one of his favorite nurses that has been with us since the very beginning.  She always spends extra time with him and is so patient. The nurses saw how upset he was and called her to tell her. She came to the hospital on her day off (just before stating 5 days of 12 hour shifts)  just to make Lane's day. He went from sad and crying to full of joy all because she was willing to sacrifice her time off to make him feel loved. Thank you!!

Marcia Bradshaw, LPN II

Portrait of Marcia Bradshaw

Batson Community Clinic
DAISY Award Winner, March 2020

From the nomination...
Marcia goes above and beyond and is always doing special things for people and never wants credit for her doings.  She always brings food and treats for the staff and if she knows its a patient's birthday while they are in clinic she gives them birthday money.  She rewards patients for good behavior or school grades if they bring their progress report or report cards.  One incident made her stand out beyond others. A patient's grandmother received custody of her 5 grandchildren and 2 have special needs due to a traumatic car accident that caused them to be placed in the grandmother's custody and left with lots of medical issues.  The grandmother is unable to receive any assistance because the children were never placed in foster care. The grandmother told me at one of the children's visits, Ms. Marcia gave her money for each one of the children for Christmas; and she wanted to show her what she bought. I felt like this act of kindness did not need to go unseen. We are so lucky to have nurses like Marcia to demonstrate compassion to our children and families.

Jacob Crouch, RN-BC

Headshot of Jacob Crouch, RN-BC. Daisy Award Winner.

4 Wiser
DAISY Award Winner, January 2020

From the nomination...
A patient was admitted after an accidental overdose. Jacob got to know the patient and provided him with a Bible. They had daily Bible studies together. The patient stated, "Jacob looks at me like a person", and he commented he had never been treated with more kindness. Jacob made a difference in this patient's life, and in turn, made UMMC a better place. It is a true honor to work with Jacob Crouch.

Kevin Marchant, RN

Headshot of Kevin Marchant, RN. Daisy Award Winner.

DAISY Award Winner, November 2019

A few excerpts from the 10 nominations Kevin received for the November DAISY Award cycle...
- Kevin saw my grandmother as though she was his.
- I have never seen anyone with such passion and dedication.
- Kevin is a god send! He is friendly, personable and compassionate. He knows our family by name and interacts with kindness and encouragement.
- He listens patiently to questions and answers with patience.                                         
- I felt that my daughter was his number one concern.
- Just a great nurse all the way around.

Ashley Reeves, RN

Ashley Reeves, RN; DAISY Award Winner

Air/Ground - Peds/Neo Transport
DAISY Award Winner, September 2019

From the nomination...
Ashley Reeves, member of the UMMC flight crew, transported a critically ill neonate from an out of town hospital. During a second transport to the NICU with a different patient, Ashley discovered the first patient transported would not live. This patient had no family at the hospital. Even though she could have returned to her unit to take a break, she elected to hold this baby for two hours until the baby passed away. Ashley went to “extraordinary” lengths to provide this baby personal contact and comfort in her loving arms. Ashley is a nurse who took the time to just be there.

Brice Dawkins, RN

Brice Dawkins, RN; DAISY Award Winner

DAISY Award Winner, September 2019

From the nomination...
After weeks in the hospital, this patient decided he wanted to spend his last days at home. Ambulance arrangements were made to take him home. Later, notification came that the ambulance could not pick him up until that night or the next morning. Brice Dawkins took it upon himself to call the social worker for help. After a few moments, word came there would be an ambulance to take him home.

Because of Brice's determination, this family had their final few moments together in a place that meant so much to them. This is not the only case when Brice has gone above and beyond to help families. He has a very empathetic, caring heart and provides comfort and understanding to families in their darkest hour.

Basilio Caballero, RN

Basilio Caballero, RN; DAISY Award Winner

5 South
DAISY Award Winner, July 2019

From the nomination...
My brother was hospitalized for several months, not physically able to watch his favorite TV show.  When his night nurse, Basilio, found out how much he wanted to see his show, Basilio brought his own laptop in order for him to watch it. The gesture and act of kindness Basilio displayed speaks to his compassionate heart and character. It is evident Basilio demonstrates compassionate care to his patients.

Janet Huffstatler, RN

Janet Huffstatler, RN; DAISY Award Winner

4 Children's
DAISY Award Winner, May 2019

From the nomination...
One of the unit's chronically ill patients, with very little family involvement, was hospitalized. Janet spent a significant amount of quality time with this patient, working on her day off, because she did not want this patient to be alone.
Janet had concert tickets for that night, but cancelled her plans to provide her assistance and comfort. I can only imagine the peace and comfort brought to this patient by Janet's tender care and compassion.

Victoria Hines, RN

Victoria Hines, RN; DAISY Award Winner

DAISY Award Winner, March 2019

From the nomination...
Tori was successful in calming a patient who was terrified for their life. This was just one example of how Tori consistently goes the extra mile and has patience unlike any other.


Shannon Moody, RN

Shannon Moody, RN; DAISY Award Winner

Adult Emergency Department
DAISY Award Winner, January 2019

From the nomination...
Because Shannon Moody, RN, was very observant of her patient and the patient’s family, she was influential in providing life-saving and timely care for each person.

Brooke Barnes, RN

Brooke Barnes, RN; DAISY Award Winner

5 Children's 
DAISY Award Winner, November 2018

From the nomination...
Brooke Barnes, RN, brought clothes and toys during a very scary time in a patient's life. During one of her shifts, it was noticed that although Brooke clocked out - she still found time to play a while and rock this patient to sleep. Brooke made sure this patient felt loved. 

Andrew McGinity, RN

Andrew McGinity, RN; DAISY Award Winner

DAISY Award Winner, November 2018

From the nomination...
Our nurse, Andrew McGinity, RN, cared about us. He helped keep our family member as comfortable as possible, while also finding time to share inspirational words of encouragement. I could never do the job Andrew does, but I am so thankful for him. Andrew demonstrated grace and compassion every day as he helped my family through the most difficult time of our lives.

Lakesha Goodwin, RN

Lakesha Goodwin, RN; DAISY Award Winner

4 Wiser Hospital for Women and Infants
DAISY Award Winner, September 2018

From the nomination... 
Lakesha Goodwin, RN, treated and cared for a patient with severe head lice with upmost dignity. When her head had to be shaved, Lakesha purchased a head wrap and lip gloss to help this patient feel better about herself.

Shalanda Fleming, RN

Shalanda Fleming, RN; DAISY Award Winner

DAISY Award Winner, September 2018

From the nomination...
When a terminal cancer patient no longer wanted to groom herself, Shalanda Fleming, RN, thought of an innovative way to assist, even in the patient's worsening situation. This allowed the staff to provide the best of care by cleaning and grooming her as she had been accustomed.