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UMMC Employee Health Requirements

  • MMR: 2 doses or (+) titers for measles, mumps, rubella 
  • VARICELLA: 2 doses or (+) titer 
  • TDAP: 1 Tdap on file then 1 TD/Tdap every 10 years 
  • HEPATITIS B: 3 doses and/or (+) titer or declination form 
  • INFLUENZA: 1 every flu season (September-March) 
  • TB TEST: 1 TBGQ within 90 days of hire or 2 TB skin tests (if positive in the past, please bring records of the test, x-ray, and treatment) 
  • COLOR BLIND SCREENING: Completed at OHA appointment 
  • HAND HYGEINE: Completed at OHA appointment 
  • RESPIRATOR FIT TEST: Only if clinical; Completed at OHA appointment