Faculty and Staff

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Preventive Medicine Staff

Mary Manuel 2023

Mary Manuel, MHA
Departmental Business Administrator

(601) 984-2746

Eryn Toney

Eryn Toney
Director, Ambulatory Operations 

(601) 815-4965

Ellecia Cooper Williams 2023

Ellecia Williams
Coordinator, Public Heallth and General Preventive Health Residency

(601) 984-2828

Amy Moore 2023

Amy Moore

Program Coordinator, Community and Prevention

(601) 815-8982

Other Support Staff

Necotis Hays - Program Coordinator, Community and Prevention

Mary Margaret Saulters, MS - Project Manager lll

Breanna Wade, MS, CHES - Project Mananger ll 

Gillian Goodoe, MS, CHES - Sponsored Program Administrator l 

Le Tu, MS  - Geographix Infomation Sysytem Analyst

Astria Goolsby - Telehealth Project Manager ll

Rolanda Buck -  Project Manager ll

Haley Bender-James - Project Manager l 

Aurora Diaz - Project Manager ll

Thomas Mayfield -  Project Manager l

Brian Christman - Biostatistician l 

Morgan Bettiga - Graphic/Multimedia Designer 

Skellar Harris- Community Health Worker l

Jakaysha Toaster - Community Health Worker l

Kaveyan Thompson - Community Health Worker l


Lifestyle Medicine Staff

Josie Bidwell 2023

Josie H. Bidwell, DNP, RN, FNP-C, DipACLM, FACLM
Nurse Practitioner

(601) 984-2233

Portrait of Lauren Turner

Lauren Turner, MSN, FNP-C
Nurse Practitioner

(601) 984-2233

Dora Chism

Dora Chism
Certified Medical Assistant 

(601) 815-5685

Other Support Staff

Sabrina Fields - Community Health Worker l

Thomas Berg - Excercise Physiologist 

Bethany Garner, MS, RDN, LD - Registered Dietitician 

Rebecca Turner, MS, RDN, LD - Registered Dietitician 


Student and Employee Health 

Prerna Gupta

Prerna Gupta, MD, D(ABMM)
Surveillance Officer

(601) 984-1148

Tracey Goldman 2024

Tracey Goldman, MSN, FNP-BC
Nurse Practitioner 

(601) 984-1192

Other Support Staff

Rachel Hill, RN - RN ll - Ambulatory - Employee Support

Mayeth Alkuino, RN - RN l - Ambulatory - Employee Support

Tiffanie Robinson - LPN - Ambulatory 

Jewel Broadway, RN - RN l- Ambulatory - Employee Support 

Robert Roka - LPN - Ambulatory 

Josilind Martin-White - Student & Employee Health Speciaist ll

LaShay Cameron - Student & Employee Health Speciaist l

Alicia Scott - Student & Employee Health Speciaist l

Nash Williams - Student & Employee Health Speciaist l

Rachel Hill - RN ll - Ambulatory- Employee Support