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Ultrasonography Imaging Core



The Ultrasound Imaging Core provides state-of-the-art ultrasonography in small animals for the Department of Physiology and Biophysics faculty, staff and students as well as investigators from other departments at UMMC. .

The Core utilizes two VisualSonics ultrasonography systems (VEVO-3100 and Vevo-2100) with very high frequency sonography probes for accurate measurements of many parameters in small animals including rats and mice. Both systems are capable of performing standard liner and bi-dimensional imaging as well as quantification of flow velocity (PW Doppler) and tissue strain velocity (Tissue Doppler). The Vevo-3100 system is also capable of performing of the latest technology in 4D imaging using ultrasound.


The Vevo-3100 system is located on the second floor of the New Arthur C. Guyton Research Building in Room G253 while the Vevo-2100 system is located on the fifth floor of New Arthur C. Guyton Research Building in Room G555.


The two Vevo systems can be used for a varied of ultrasonography measurements including:

  • M-Mode ultrasonography
  • B-Mode ultrasonography
  • PW-Doppler
  • Tissue Doppler
  • 4D imaging
  • Image guided injections


Training: $100.00/hr

User based imaging: $70.00/hr VEVO 3100 and $50.00/hr VEVO 2100

Analysis: $70,00/hr VEVO 3100 and $50.00/hr VEVO 2100 (Involves use of computer and software for analysis by the individual user).

The Vevo Ultrasonography Imaging systems are represent core equipment managed by the Department of Physiology and Biophysics. All users must be trained and pre-approved prior to use of these systems.

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Alexandre A. da Silva
Office: G263
(601) 984-1826