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The Micro CT sub-Core laboratory serves as a primary resource for the Department of Physiology and Biophysics faculty, staff and students as well as investigators from other departments at UMMC and other Institutions on a fee for service basis. The sub-Core laboratory is directed by Dr. Alejandro R. Chade, MD, who is available to assist you with any inquiries.

The micro-CT scanner (SkyScan 1076, Bruker Biospin Corp., MA) is in Dr. Chade’s laboratory, located in the first floor of the new Guyton Building (G-164) of the University of Mississippi Medical Center.

The micro-CT scanner has the capability of scanning and 3D reconstruction in vivo and ex vivo of the ultrastructure of virtually any organ or tissue from any species as well as whole small animals (e.g. mice, rats). It is a high-resolution low-dose X-ray scanner capable of in vivo and in vitro 2D and 3D reconstruction with a spatial resolution and details detectability of 9µm. The system has a built-in lead shielding that allows scanning without the need of a special room. Its main components are a spectroscopic x-ray source and a 10 megapixel X-ray detector. The image reconstruction and processing of the tomographic images is performed on a dedicated cluster of powerful computers, as well as analysis of the tomographic images performed on 3 additional workstations computers.

Services and Fees

The services offered include:

  1. General micro CT scanning: routine infusion processing, embedding and sectioning of the tissues. Special processing and sectioning is available upon request and instructions by the investigator. Reconstruction of the images and data analysis (when applicable) is also included in the fee. When an organ or tissue is scanned, the cost per sample is $250 (includes instrumentation, supplies, and processing of the sample, scanning and reconstruction). If a specific type of contrast is required, the materials should be provided by the investigator. The cost increases when in vivo scanning of small animals is requested (and possible), depending on the requirements of the investigator. Please consult for an estimate and feasibility.

  2. General training: training for preparation of the samples (e.g. infusion of contrast) is available, as well as training for image analysis at an hourly rate of $100/hour.

Specimen submission

  1. Consultation:ALL investigators are required to consult with the Micro CT sub-Core director prior to commencement of specimen collection to determine the most appropriate method of processing, preparation and required analysis. Please schedule a consultation time by e-mailing Alejandro R. Chade (
  2. Service Request: for submission of tissues or request for services, please complete the Request for Micro CT Services form. Please provide all the requested information on the form
  3. Submission protocol: please make sure that all the specimens submitted are clearly labeled and that labels correspond to the information provided in the Request for Micro CT Services form
  4. On the Request for Micro CT Services form, please provide any special instructions (e.g. cut side down, sagittal etc.); if no special instructions are provided, tissue will be processed as deemed appropriate by the Micro CT sub-Core laboratory staff.

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Director:Alejandro R. Chade, MD, FAHA
Office: G161
(601) 984-2898