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2018 Seminar Series

Seminars are held from noon-1 p.m. Wednesdays in CW308, and all students, faculty and staff are invited to attend. For more information, contact Courtney Graham in the Department of Physiology at (601) 984-1820.

1/10/2018Dr. Lique CoolenUMMC - Physiology & BiophysicsSocial Reward Experience Influences Vulnerability for Substance Abuse in Rats
1/17/2018Dr. Jan WilliamsUMMC- Pharmacology & ToxicologyUsing Animal Models to Explore Mechanisms Involved in the Development of Renal Disease Associated with Prepubertal Obesity
1/24/2018Dr. Erin TaylorUMMC - Physiology & BiophysicsThe Role of T Lymphocytes in the Pathogenesis of Hypertension
1/31/2018Dr. Frank SpradleyUMMC - Surgery/TransplantProgramming of Chronic Liver Disease
2/7/2018Dr. Romain HarmanceyUMMC - Physiology & BiophysicsConsequences of UCP3 Deficiency for Cardiac and Systemic Metabolism
2/14/2018Dr. Jan WilliamsUMMC- Pharmacology & ToxicologyUsing Animal Models to Explore Mechanisms Involved in the Development of Renal Disease Associated with Prepubertal Obesity
2/21/2018Dr. Jussara do CarmoUMMC - Physiology & BiophysicsRegulation of Metabolic and Cardiovascular Function by the Brain Leptin-Melanocortin Pathway:What is New?
2/28/2018Dr. Edward LesnefskyVAModulation of Electron Transport During Ischemia-Reperfusion: Protection of Mitochondria, Interacting Organelles and the Heart
3/7/2018Dr. David StecUMMC - Physiology & BiophysicsBilirubin and Biliverdin Reductase in Metabolic Disease
3/14/2018Dr. Steven SmithSanford-Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery InstituteEpigenetic Regulation of Adipose Tissue
3/21/2018Dr. Ji LiUMMC - Physiology & BiophysicsA Novel Age-related Stress Inducible Protein Sestrin 2
3/28/2018Dr. Paula WarringtonUMMC- Neurology & Anatomical SciencesNeuroinflammation Following Placental Ischemia
4/4/2018Dr. Eric Belin de ChantameleAugusta UniversityNovel Roles of Leptin in the Control of Vascular Function 
4/11/2018Dr. James WilsonUMMC - Physiology & BiophysicsAptamer Proteomics and Chronic Kidney Disease in the Jackson Heart Study
4/18/2018EB Practice SeminarsUMMC - Physiology & BiophysicsPresenters: John Clemmer, Gwen Davis, Jeremy Duncan, and Adrian Eddy
4/25/2018No SeminarNo SeminarExperimental Biology Meeting
5/2/2018Dr. James PetellUMMC- Translational Research CenterProtecting Your Ideas and Inventions
5/9/2018Dr. Merry LindseyUMMC - Physiology & BiophysicsCardiac Wound Healing after Myocardial Infarction
5/16/2018Dr. Bernadette GraysonUMMC- Neurobiology & Anatomical SciencesUncovering the Propensity Towards Metabolic Dysfunction After SCI: Using a Rodent Model of Thoracic Spinal Contusion
5/30/2018Dr. Xuan LiUMMC - Physiology & BiophysicsThe Metabolic Regulation is a Strategy to Limit Ischemia and Reperfusion Injury
6/6/2018Dr. Barbara AlexanderUMMC - Physiology & BiophysicsLow Birth Weight, the Kidney and Hypertension: Does Sex Matter?
6/13/2018Dr. Michael RyanUMMC - Physiology & BiophysicsHypertension and Autoimmunity
6/20/2018Dr. Heather DrummondUMMC - Physiology & BiophysicsDegenerin Signaling in VSMCs
6/27/2018Dr. Megan RhoadsUniversity of KentuckySpontaneous Hypertension in the African Green Monkey
7/4/2018No SeminarNo SeminarIndependence Day Holiday
7/11/2018Dr. Eric GeorgeUMMC - Physiology & BiophysicsPreeclampsia: Unanswered Questions and New Opportunities
7/18/2018Dr. Kristin EdwardsUMMC - Physiology & BiophysicsRole of UCP3 in Cardiac Adaptation Following Ischemia Reperfusion
7/25/2018Dr. Alan MoutonUMMC - Physiology & BiophysicsUsing Transcriptomics to Map Post-Myocardial Infarction Cellular Remodeling Phenotypes
8/1/2018Dr. Robert HesterUMMC - Physiology & BiophysicsJustPhysiology, An Interactive Environment for Learning Physiology
8/8/2018Dr. Michael HallUMMC - CardiologyObesity-induced Cardiorenal Disease: Mechanistic Insights Using Advanced Imaging in Humans 
8/15/2018Dr. Yonggang MaUMMC - Physiology & BiophysicsCXCL4 Regulates Macrophage Phagocytosis Post-Myocardial Infarction
8/22/2018Dr. Alejandro ChadeUMMC - Physiology & BiophysicsBiotechnology and Renal Disease: An Update About the Search for Nove Therapies
8/29/2018Council Practice SeminarsUMMC - Physiology & BiophysicsCancelled
9/5/2018No SeminarNo SeminarCouncil for Hypertension Research
9/12/2018Dr. Drew PruettUMMC - Physiology & BiophysicsTopological Tools for Elucidating Systems Response
9/19/2018Dr. Zhen WangUMMC - Physiology & BiophysicsRole of TRPC Channels in Mediating Hypertensive-Diabetic Kidney Injury and Obesity
9/26/2018Dr. Alfonso EirinMayo ClinicMitochondrial Injury and Renal Disease: Renovascular Disease and Beyond
10/3/2018Dr. Yingjie ChenUniversity of MinnesotaThe Role of Inflammation in the Transition from Left Heart Failure to Right Heart Failure
10/10/2018Dr. Martin FrankThe American Physiological SocietyFrom Bench to... - Opportunities for PhDs!
10/17/2018Victoria WolfUMMC - Physiology & BiophysicsOvarian Hormones and Hypertension in Systemic Lupus Erythematosus 
10/24/2018Dr. Gregg SemenzaJohns Hopkins Institute for Cell EngineeringHypoxia-Inducible Factors in Physiology & Medicine
10/31/2018Dr. John BurnettThe Mayo ClinicThe Heart as an Endocrine Organ: From Biology to Drug Discovery to the Bedside 
11/7/2018Erika GuiseUMMC - Physiology & BiophysicsA Novel Therapeutic Strategy for Renovascular Disease
11/14/2018Dr. Thiago Bruder do NascimentoMedical College of GeorgiaLeptin Therapy for the Vascular Disease Associated with Congenital and Acquired Lipodystrophy
11/21/2018No SeminarNo SeminarThanksgiving Holiday
11/28/2018Elena DentUMMC - Physiology & BiophysicsRenal Hemodynamic Function during Autoimmunity
12/5/2018Adrian EddyUMMC - Physiology & BiophysicsTherapeutic Approaches for Experimental Preeclampsia
12/12/2018Dr. Bhavisha BakraniaUMMC - Physiology & BiophysicsSoluble Guanylate Cyclase as a Target for the Treatment of Preeclampsia: sGC Stimulators and Activators
12/19/2018Dr. John ClemmerUMMC - Physiology & BiophysicsModeling Device-Based Therapies for the Treatment of Hypertension
12/26/2018No SeminarNo SeminarChristmas Holiday