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2019 Seminar Series

Seminars are held from noon-1 p.m. Wednesdays in CW308. All students, faculty and staff are invited to attend. For more information, contact Jennifer Duckworth in the Department of Physiology at (601) 984-1810.

01/09/2019Dr. Carlos CastorenaCannabinoid 1 Receptor and Glucose Regulation: VMH vs. Adipose Tissues UT Southwestern Med. Ctr
01/16/2019Dr. Oleh PochynyukNew Mechanisms to Control Distal Nephron Transport by Dietary K+ and Cl-UT Health Science Ctr.- Houston 
01/23/2019Dr. Romain HarmanceyRole of UCP3 in Cardiac Protection from Ischemia/Reperfusion InjuryUMMC- Physiology
01/30/2019Dr. Erin TaylorThe Role of the Immune System in the Development of Hypertension and Vascular Dysfunction in AutoimmunityUMMC- Physiology
02/06/2019Dr. Aaron TraskCoronary Microvascular Disease in Early Type 2 Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome: from Remodeling and Biomechanics to Prediction Algorithms Nationwide Children's Hospital
02/13/2019Dr. Eric GeorgeChasing the Mechanisms of Placental Ischemia-Induced HypertensionUMMC- Physiology
02/20/2019Dr. Tamas HorvathHunger Promotes LifeYale University School of Medicine
02/27/2019Dr. David LeferRole of the Renal Sympathetic Nervous System in Heart Failure with Reduced Ejection FractionLSU Health Sciences Ctr
03/06/2019Dr. Yann GibertZebrafish as a Model of Fetal Hyperglycemia StudiesUMMC- Cell and Molecular Biology
03/13/2019Dr. Jussara do CarmoImpact of Parental Obesity on Developmental Programming of Metabolic and Cardiorenal DiseasesUMMC- Physiology
03/20/2019Dr. Licy Yanes- CardozaAndrogens in Women- Cardiometabolic ManifestationsUMMC- Cell and Molecular Biology
03/27/2019Dr. David StecIs Serum Bilirubin the Key to Cardiovascular and Metabolic Health?UMMC- Physiology
04/03/2019Experimental Biology Practice TalksSpeakers: Dr. Bhavisha Bakrania, Dr. Jessica Bradshaw, Laura Coats, Gwen Davis, Osvaldo Gonzalez-Rivera, Erika Williams, Victoria WolfUMMC- Physiology
04/10/2019No SeminarExperimental Biology MeetingNo Seminar
04/17/2019Dr. Candice AskwithASICs, Opioid Receptors, and Cell DeathOklahoma State University Medical Center
04/24/2019Dr. Sadia AshrafRole of NR4A2 in Myocardial RemodelingUMMC- Physiology
05/01/2019Dr. Xuan LiSestrin2 Modulates Myocardial Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress During Ischemia/Reperfusion InjuryUMMC- Physiology
05/08/2019Dr. Javed ButlerLessons in Drug Development for Heart FailureUMMC- Cardiovascular Center
05/15/2019Dr. James WilsonUpdate on the Trans-Omics for Precision Medicine (TOPMed) ProjectUMMC- Physiology
05/22/2019Dr. Frank SpradleySex Differences in Liver Ischemia/Reperfusion InjuryUMMC- Physiology
05/29/2019Dr. David GuttermanContribution of the Microcirculation to Cardiovascular DiseaseMedical College of Wisconsin
06/05/2019Dr. Nicola AberdeinEffect of Leptin on Bone Remodelling Independent of Body Weight In VivoSheffield Hallam University
06/12/2019Dr. Joey GrangerPreeclampsia: Pathophysiological Mechanisms and Therapeutic TargetsUMMC- Physiology
06/19/2019Adrian EddyMechanisms of sFlt-1 Secretion and Efficacy of Novel Anti-Inflammatory Agent in PreeclampsiaUMMC- Physiology
06/26/2019Dr. Joshua SpeedEndothelin-1 and Cardiometabolic Syndrome RiskUMMC- Physiology
07/03/2019No SeminarIndependence Day HolidayNo Seminar
07/10/2019Dr. Robert HesterMathematical Simulation of Human Physiology for Research and EducationUMMC- Physiology
07/17/2019Dr. Thales Coelho BarbosaVascular Dysfunction in African American IndividualsUniversity of Texas at Arlington
07/24/2019Dr. Dan JonesObesity in the USA: A Cultural, Social, Political, (and Cynical) Perspective UMMC- Physiology
07/31/2019Dr. Kevin WilliamsNeuronal Activity in the Study of Energy Balance and Glucose MetabolismUT Southwestern Medical Center
08/07/2019Dr. Alejandro ChadeApplied Biotechnology for Chronic Kidney Disease: Therapeutic Angiogenesis and Anti-inflammatory StrategiesUMMC- Physiology
08/14/2019Dr. Anita LaytonModeling and Simulations for Anti-hyperglycemic and Anti-hypertensive DrugsUniversity of Waterloo
08/21/2019Dr. Jennifer PluznickNovel GPCRs and Gut Microbial Metabolites in Renal and Cardiovascular FunctionJohns Hopkins
08/28/2019Scientific Sessions Practice TalksSpeakers: Dr. Frank Spradley and Dr. Erin TaylorUMMC- Physiology
09/04/2019No SeminarHypertension Scientific SessionsNo Seminar
09/11/2019Dr. Holly HullIntervening to Change the Maternal Diet to Impact Maternal and Infant HealthUniversity of Kansas Medical Center
09/18/2019Dr. Amol JanorkarThree-Dimensional In Vitro Models of Adipose Tissue Pathophysiology UMMC- School of Dentistry
09/25/2019Jason EngelRenal Recovery after VEGF Therapy: A Role for Macrophages?UMMC- Physiology
10/02/2019Erika WilliamsRenal Angioplasty and Therapeutic Angiogenesis for Renovascular Disease: A Novel Treatment StrategyUMMC- Physiology
10/09/2019Dr. John ClemmerMechanisms of Response and Nonresponse to Antihypertensive Devices UMMC- Physiology
10/16/2019Dr. David PollockCircadian Control of Na Handling: Lessons from Rats and MiceUniversity of Alabama School of Medicine
10/23/2019Elena DentRenal Function During AutoimmunityUMMC- Physiology
10/30/2019Dr. Bhavisha BakraniaMechanisms of Cardiac Dysfunction in PreeclampsiaUMMC- Physiology
11/06/2019Laura CoatsSoluble Guanylate Cyclase as a Maternal Therapeutic in a Rodent Model of Intrauterine Growth Restriction: What About the Offspring?UMMC- Physiology
11/13/2019Tyler LomaxImpact of UCP3 Deficiency on High-Fat Diet-Induced Obesity and Insulin ResistanceUMMC- Physiology
11/20/2019Dr. Lisa CassisSex Differences in Vascular DiseasesUniversity of Kentucky College of Medicine
11/27/2019No SeminarThanksgiving HolidayNo Seminar
12/04/2019Dr. Michael HallVisceral Obesity and Kidney Dysfunction: Implications for Heart Failure with Preserved Ejection Fraction.UMMC- Cardiology
12/11/2019Dr. Paula WarringtonMechanisms for Increased Seizure Sensitivity Following Utero-Placental IschemiaUMMC- Neurology
12/18/2019Talal YounesTargeting the Glucago-Like Peptide Receptor 1 (GLP-1) Axis for the Treatment of Preeclampsia UMMC- Physiology
12/25/2019No SeminarChristmas HolidayNo Seminar