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2016 Seminar Series

DateSpeakerSeminar TitleDepartment
01/06/2016 Dr. Erin Taylor Autoantibodies in the Pathogenesis of Hypertension UMMC-Physiology & Biophysics
01/13/2016  Dr. Ana Palei The Role of Matrix Metalloproteinase (MMP)-2 in the Pathophysiology of Preeclampsia  UMMC-Physiology & Biophysics 
01/20/2016- Canceled  Dr. Eric George- CanceledThe Placental Glycocalyx in Pregnancy and Preeclampsia- CanceledUMMC-Physiology & Biophysics- Canceled
01/27/2016  Dr. Barbara Alexander The Developmental Origins of Hypertension: Physiological Mechanisms UMMC-Physiology & Biophysics 
02/03/2016 Dr. Carol Cleland    Is Earth Host to a Shadow Biosphere?University of Colorado at Boulder
02/10/2016 Dr. Romain Harmancey Effects of Hyperglycemia and Insulin Resistance on Cardiac Stress Response to Surgery UMMC-Physiology & Biophysics 
02/17/2016  Dr. Alejandro Chade Targeting the Renal Microcirculation: Prevent the Loss of, Protect the Damaged, Create Some New Ones UMMC-Physiology & Biophysics 
02/24/2016 Dr. Ji Li The Regulation of Glucose Transporter TraffickingUMMC-Physiology & Biophysics 
03/02/2016  Dr. Paula Warrington 

Cerebral Complications following Placental Ischemia: Is MgSO4 a Potential Therapeutic?

UMMC-Physiology & Biophysics  
03/09/2016 John Henry Dasinger Sex Differences in Cardiovascular Aging Following a Developmental Insult  UMMC-Physiology & Biophysics  
03/16/2016- Canceled  Dr. Michelle Gumz- Canceled 

The Kidney Clock and the Regulation of Blood Pressure Rhythms- Canceled

University of Florida- Canceled 
03/23/2016 Dr. David Stec Bilirubin and Biliverdin Reductase in Metabolic DiseaseUMMC-Physiology & Biophysics  
03/30/2016 EB Practice Talks John Henry Dasinger, Dr. Suttira Intapad, Dr. Yonggang Ma, and Dr. Erin Taylor UMMC-Physiology & Biophysics 
03/31/2016 Dr. Michael Jensen Lessons Learned Using Fatty Acid Tracers to Study Human ObesityMayo Clinic
04/06/2016  No Seminar Experimental Biology Meeting No Seminar 
04/13/2016Dr. Michelle Gumz The Kidney Clock and the Regulation of Blood Pressure RhythmsUniversity of Florida
04/20/2016Dr. Steve Crowley The Role of Interleukin-1 Receptor Activation in Hypertension and Kidney Disease  Duke University 
04/27/2016   Dr. Frank Spradley Increased Risk for Developing Preeclampsia in Obese Pregnancies: Weighing in on the Mechanisms  UMMC- Surgery 
05/04/2016      Dr. Yonggang Ma Regulation of Neutrophil and Macrophage Polarization Following Myocardial InfarctionUMMC-Physiology & Biophysics 
05/11/2016  Dr. Padmanabhan Rugmani Iyer Matrix Metalloproteinase-9 Inhibition Exacerbates Cardiac Dysfunction Post-Myocardial Infarction in Mice  UMMC-Physiology & Biophysics  
05/18/2016 Dr. Crystal RipplingerThe Crossroads of Inflammation and Arrhythmia Following Myocardial Infarction University of California Davis
05/25/2016  Dr. Eric George The Placental Glycocalyx in Pregnancy and PreeclampsiaUMMC-Physiology & Biophysics  
06/01/2016  Dr. Merry Lindsey As The Tides Turn: Inflammation and Fibrosis in Cardiac Wound HealingUMMC-Physiology & Biophysics  
06/08/2016  Dr. John Hall   Mechanisms of Hypertension in Obesity/ Metabolic Syndrome: A Growing Challenge to Our Health Care System  UMMC-Physiology & Biophysics  
06/15/2016Dr. Terry Hinds Thin Molecules and Sweet -P: The Development of Two Compounds  University of Toledo 
06/17/2016Dr. Marcelo Orias Phenotypes in Hypertension  National University of Cordoba   
06/22/2016  No Seminar FASEB- Renal Hemodynamics No Seminar
06/29/2016  Dr. Joey Granger Linking Placental Ischemia and Endothelial Dysfunction: Identifying Therapeutic Targets for the Treatment of PreeclampsiaUMMC-Physiology & Biophysics  
07/06/2016   Dr. Heather Drummond Vascular Mechanosensing: A Unifying Hypothesis  UMMC-Physiology & Biophysics  
07/13/2016  Dr. Michael Ryan  Autoimmunity and the Pathogenesis of HypertensionUMMC-Physiology & Biophysics 
07/20/2016  Dr. James Wilson Large Scale Analysis of Whole Genome Sequence in Humans  UMMC-Physiology & Biophysics  
07/27/2016 Dr. Amol JanorkarMultifunctional Biopolymer Coatings and Scaffolds for Tissue Engineering and Drug Delivery UMMC-Biomedical Materials Science 
08/03/2016 Dr. Kristine DeLeon Periodontal Infections and Cardiovascular Disease: Getting to the Heart of the Matter. UMMC-Physiology & Biophysics 
08/10/2016 Dr. Ritesh Tandon  Novel Strategies to Counteract Human Cytomegalovirus InfectionUMMC-Microbiology & Immunology  
08/17/2016Dr. Jeff SaucermanWhen Not to Listen to Your Heart: Systems Biology of Cardiac Remodeling   University of Virginia
08/24/2016  Dr. Lique Coolen Spinal Cord Control of Male Sexual Function UMMC-Physiology & Biophysics 
08/31/2016 Dr. William SonntagInsulin-like Growth Factor (IGF)-1 Regulation of Cerebrovascular and Brain Aging  University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center
09/07/2016  Council Practice Talks Dr. Erin Taylor, Dr. Frank Spradley, Dr. Nicola Aberdein, Dr. Zhen Wang, Dr. Ji Li, and William Stewart UMMC-Physiology & Biophysics 
09/14/2016 No Seminar   Council for Hypertension ResearchNo Seminar   
09/21/2016  Dr. Jussara doCarmo CNS Control of Glucose Regulation by the Leptin-Melanocortin AxisUMMC-Physiology & Biophysics 
09/28/2016 Dr. Bernadette Grayson Impact of Maternal Bariatric Surgery on In Utero Development: Learning from a Rodent Model  UMMC- Neurobiology and Anatomical Sciences  
10/05/2016   Dr. Zhen Wang  Role of Suppressor of Cytokines Signaling 3 (SOCS3) in POMC Neurons in Regulating Metabolic and Cardiovascular Functions in Dietary-Induced Obesity. UMMC-Physiology & Biophysics 
10/12/2016  Dr. Drew Pruett Topological Data Analysis: Introduction to an Exploratory Tool UMMC-Physiology & Biophysics 
10/19/2016  Dr. Carolina Dalmasso Effects of Maternal Hyperandrogenemia in the Offspring of PCOS Rats UMMC-Physiology & Biophysics  
10/26/2016  Dr. Jennifer SasserInsights into the Pathogenesis of Preeclampsia and Long-term Cardiorenal Risks UMMC-Pharmacology & Toxicology   
11/02/2016Dr. Amanda LeBlancMyocardial Regeneration in Aging: A Plumbing-First Approach University of Louisville
11/09/2016 Dr. Bhavisha Bakrania Impact of Preeclampsia on Cardiac Structure and Function During Pregnancy and Post-Partum UMMC-Physiology & Biophysics 
11/16/2016 Dr. Nicola Aberdein Role of Neuronal Specific PTP1B in Regulating Cardiometabolic Responses to High Fat Diet UMMC-Physiology & Biophysics 
11/23/2016   No Seminar    ThanksgivingNo Seminar    
11/30/2016  Dr. Jane Reckelhoff Sex Differences in Blood Pressure Control UMMC-Physiology & Biophysics   
12/07/2016 Dr. Chetan Patil Blood Pressure Control and Renal Injury Mechanisms in a Rat Model of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome UMMC-Physiology & Biophysics  
12/08/2016     Dr. Edward LakattaSo What's Aging? Is Arterial Aging a Disease? National Institute on Aging at the National Institutes of Health   
12/14/2016 Dr. Angela Subauste Leptin Therapy: Advances and ControversiesUMMC- Endocrinology 
12/21/2016 No SeminarChristmas Holiday No Seminar 
12/28/2016 No SeminarNew Year Holiday No Seminar