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2015 Seminar Series

DateSpeakerSeminar TitleDepartment
01/07/2015Dr. Jun LiaoCardiac Bioengineering: 3D Visualization of Myocardial Fiber Disruption, Biomechanical, Assessment of Scar ECM, and Patch Repairing ConstructMississippi State University
01/14/2015Dr. Tracy BaleStressed Parents: Maternal and Paternal Contributions to the Developing BrainUniversity of Pennsylvania
01/21/2015Dr. Rugmani PadmanabhanMatrix Metalloproteinase-12 Inhibition Exacerbates Cardiac Dysfunction Post-Myocardial Infarction in MiceUMMC-Physiology & Biophysics
01/28/2015Dr. Patricia MolinaGrit, Resilience, Courage, and Enthusiasm; Movers and Shakers of Professional SuccessLouisiana State University
02/04/2018Dr. Alejandro ChadeRenal Therapeutic Angiogenesis for the Stenotic Kidney: Novel Application of Bioengineered Polymer-stabilized VEGF ConstructsUMMC-Physiology & Biophysics
02/11/2018Dr. Eric GeorgeDevelopment of Peptide-based Therapies for PreeclampsiaUMMC-Physiology & Biophysics
02/18/2015Dr. Heather DrummondThe VSMC MechanosomeUMMC-Physiology & Biophysics
03/04/2015Peter MittwedeMechanisms of Acute Kidney Injury Following Orthopedic Trauma in Obese RatsUMMC-Physiology & Biophysics
03/11/2015Dr. Romain HarmanceyDiabetic Cardiomyopathy: More Than a Matter of FatUMMC-Physiology & Biophysics
03/18/2015John ClemmerRegulation of Cardiovascular and Stress Hyperglycemic Responses After Hemorrhage in the Obese Zucker RatUMMC-Physiology & Biophysics
03/25/2015EB Practice SeminarsDr.  Raffaele Altara
Circulating CXCL-9, -10, and -11 Levels Improve the Discrimination of Risk Prediction Models for Left Ventricular Dysfunction


John Henry Dasinger
Postmenopausal Hypertension is Blunted Following Chronic Flutamide Treatment in Intrauterine Growth Restricted Female Rat


Dr. Frank Spradley
Melanocortin-4 Receptor (MC4R) Deficiency Promotes Increases in High Fat Diet-Induced Body- Weight Gain and Visceral Fat, but not Hypertension, During Pregnancy


Dr. Paula Warrington
Placental Ischemia Impairs Cerebral Blood Flow Autoregulation and Increases Blood-Brain Barrier Permeability in Pregnant Rats
UMMC-Physiology & Biophysics
04/01/2015No SeminarExperimental Biology 2015No Seminar
04/08/2015Dr. Nikolaos FrangogiannisFibroblast-Extracellular Matrix Interactions in the Remodeling MyocardiumAlbert Einstein College of Medicine
04/15/2015Dr. Babbette LaMarca and Dr. Michelle Owens17-OrthoHydroxyprogesterone Caproate Supplementation: A Novel Therapeutic for the Management of Preeclampsia?UMMC-Obstetrics & Gynocology
04/22/2015Dr. Hiroe TobaCardiovascular Research in Kyoto and UMMCUMMC-Physiology & Biophysics
04/29/2015Dr. D. Neil GrangerMicrovascular Responses to InflammationLouisiana State University Health Sciences Center
05/06/2015Dr. Michael Griswold, Dr. Robert Hester, and Dr. Gail MegasonThe Ethics of AuthorshipUMMC-Biostatistics, Physiology & Biophysics, and Hematology/Oncology
05/13/2015Dr. Friedrich Luft and Dr. Jens Marc TitzeMutations in PDE3A Cause Hypertension with Brachydactyly/ Salt Intake Influences Energy Metabolism in Unexpected WaysCharité Medical University of Berlin & Vanderbilt University
05/20/2015Dr. Frank SpradleyIncreased Risk for Developing Preeclampsia in Obese Pregnancies: Weighing in on the MechanismsUMMC-Physiology & Biophysics
05/27/2015Dr. Yonggang MaNeutrophil Polarization Following Mycardial InfarctionUMMC-Physiology & Biophysics  
06/03/2015Dr. Jun LiaoCardiac Bioengineering: 3D Visualization of Myocardial Fiber Disruption, Biomechanical, Assessment of Scar ECM, and Patch Repairing ConstructMississippi State University
06/10/2015Dr. Matthias NahrendorfInnate Immune Cells in Cardiovascular DiseaseMassachusetts General Hospital
06/17/2015No SeminarNo Seminar-Faculty MeetingNo Seminar
06/24/2015Dr. Daniel LacklandAssessing the Enigma of the SoutheastMedical University of South Carolina
07/01/2015Dr. David StecBilirubin and Metabolic Disease: Novel Protective PathwayUMMC-Physiology & Biophysics
07/08/2015Dr. J. Paula WarringtonPlacental Ischemia-induced Cerebrovascular Abnormalities: Role of Placental FactorsUMMC-Physiology & Biophysics
07/15/2015Dr. Suttira IntapadLow Birth Weight Predicts Higher Blood Pressure, But What is the Link?UMMC-Physiology & Biophysics
07/22/2015Dr. Adolfo CorreaThe Jackson Heart Study: An UpdateUMMC-Jackson Heart Study
07/29/2015Dr. Jussara do CarmoRole of the Brain Melanocortin System in Regulating Appetite, Blood Pressure and Peripheral Glucose UtilizationUMMC-Physiology & Biophysics
08/05/2015Dr. James WilsonLarge-Scale Human Genetic Analysis: A Transition from Association to CausalityUMMC-Physiology & Biophysics
08/12/2015Dr. Kristine DeLeon-PennellTaking Oral Care to HeartUMMC-Physiology & Biophysics
08/19/2015Dr. Lique CoolenSex and Drugs: Risky BusinessUMMC-Biomedical Materials Science
08/26/2015Dr. Zhen WangInteraction of Hypertension and Diabetes in Progressive NephropathyUMMC-Physiology & Biophysics
09/02/2015Dr. Drew PruettPatient-Specific Determinants of Response to Renal DenervationUMMC-Physiology & Biophysics
09/09/2015HBPR Seminar PracticeDr. Suttira Intapad, Dr. Omar Logue, Dr. Frank Spradley, Dr. J. Paula WarringtonUMMC-Physiology & Biophysics
09/16/2015No SeminarCouncil for High Blood Pressure ResearchNo Seminar
09/23/2015Dr. Michael BrandsShould We Still Care About Insulin in the Cardiovascular RealmGeorgia Regents University
09/30/2015Dr. Radhika PochampallyExosome Mediated Stromal Support of Mesenchymal Stem/Stromal Cells in Breast CancerUMMC-Biochemistry
10/07/2015Dr. Roger ConeNew Sites and Modes of Melanocortin ActionVanderbilt University
10/14/2015Dr. Carolina DalmassoRoles of Eicosanoids and Oxidative Stress in Mediating Hypertension in Female Animal ModelsUMMC-Physiology & Biophysics
10/21/2015John Henry DassingerSex Differences in Cardiovascular Aging Following a Developmental InsultUMMC-Physiology & Biophysics
10/28/2015Dr. Chetan PatilEffect of Androgens in Male and Female RatsUMMC-Physiology & Biophysics
11/04/2015Dr. Fred EpsteinCardiac MRI in Mouse Models of Heart DiseaseUniversity of Virginia
11/05/2015Dr. Michael JoynerOur Physiological FutureMayo Clinic
11/11/2015Dr. Yang XiaTransglutaminase, Autoimmunity, and PreeclampsiaUniversity of Texas Medical School at Houston
11/18/2015No SeminarAPS Sex & Gender ConferenceNo Seminar
11/25/2015No SeminarThanksgiving HolidayNo Seminar
12/02/2015Dr. Rodrigo MaranonEffects of Androgens on Obesity and Blood Pressure: Role of Melanocortin 4 ReceptorUMMC-Physiology & Biophysics
12/09/2015No SeminarNo Seminar
12/16/2015Dr. Nicola AberdeinRole of PTP1B and SOCS3 in Modulating Metabolic and Cardiovascular Effects of LeptinUMMC-Physiology & Biophysics
12/23/2015No SeminarChristmas HolidayNo Seminar
12/30/2015No SeminarNew Year HolidayNo Seminar