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Xuan Li, MD

Portrait of Xuan Li

Office: (601) 984-1809

Areas of expertise

  • General: Cardiovascular physiology
  • Specific: Mechanisms involved in thr myocardial ischemia/reperfusion injury; chronic heart failure; cardiac metabolism

Research methods

Surgical models in mice (left anterior descending artery ligation and transverse aortic constriction); Isolated heart perfusion system (Langendorff/working heart mode); echocardiology and invasive left ventricular pressure-volume analysis; measurements of contractility and calcium transient in isolated cardiomyocytes; immunohistochemistry; molecular biology techniques

Current Projects

The cardioprotective effects of Sestrin2 in cardiovascular diseases

The mechanisms by which SGLT2 inhibitors attenuate heart failure in non-diabetic mice

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