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Neonatal Nurse Practitioners

The Neonatal Nurse Practitioners (NNP) in the Level IV NICU and the Level II ICN at Children's of Mississippi and in Wiser Hospital for Women and Infants are an important part of our multidisciplinary team caring for the ill neonates of Mississippi. This specialized NNP team at Mississippi's only Level IV NICU has over 20 years of experience in the NICU.

Our neonatal nurse practitioners are an integral part of the collaborative management of premature infants, critically ill infants, and infants with cardiac and surgical defects. The highly skilled team also attends all high-risk deliveries, provides 24/7 coverage and mentors nursing staff by participating in education and orientation to promote both personal and professional growth. In addition, the neonatal nurse practitioners serve in multiple leadership roles within the NICU and the Division of Neonatal Medicine.

Pediatric nurse practitioners

  • Tara Nation, CPNP
  • Amy O'Mara, CPNP

Neonatal nurse practitioners

  • Tara Allen,¬†NNP-BC
  • Monica Aycock, NNP-BC
  • Wendy Blethen, NNP-BC
  • Diane Dukes, NNP-BC
  • Laura Freeman, NNP-BC
  • April Gutierrez, NNP-BC
  • Alisia Hankins, NNP-BC
  • Penni Lowrey, NNP-BC
  • Gabriel Macias, NNP-BC
  • Leslie May, NNP-BC
  • Jenny Moffitt, NNP-BC
  • Sara Marie Presley, NNP-BC
  • Becky Russell, NNP-BC
  • Lisa Schell, NNP-BC
  • Alison Schmitz, NNP-BC
  • Anita Wren, NNP-BC