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Recent Graduates

Pediatric cardiology fellowship graduates are pursuing their careers at the following facilities:

Portrait of Christine Diiorio

Christine Diiorio
Pediatric Cardiac Critical Care Fellow - Texas Children’s Hospital 

Portrait of Zach Burch

Zach Burch
Savannah Children’s Heart Center

John Criscuolo, MD

John Criscuolo
Pediatric Cardiology, UMMC

Hasti Sanandajifar.png

Hasti Sanandajifar
Clinical Instructor, Texas Children's Hospital

Ashish Patel

Ashish Patel
Advanced Imaging Fellow, Nemours Children's Health System

Lly Moore Landry, MD

Lily Moore Landry
Pediatric Cardiac Critical Care Fellow - Texas Children's Hospital

Rabia Noor, MD

Rabia Noor
Pediatric Cardiology - West Virginia University