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Electron Microscopy

path---electron-microscopy.jpgThe electron microscopy (EM) facility in the Department of Pathology offers diagnostic support to departmental faculty and residents as well as other hospitals, both local and statewide.

Along with diagnostic support, the EM facility assists with research projects of both faculty and residents from the Department of Pathology and other departments within the University of Mississippi Medical Center. Currently, the EM facility has a Leo 912 transmission electron microscope.

The EM laboratory is staffed with an electron microscopy technician. Services offered by the EM facility include providing fixative, tissue processing, tissue embedding in Epon or LR White, thick sectioning of blocks, ultrathin sectioning onto copper or nickel grids, and staining of grids.

The EM facility also offers technical assistance with all aspects of transmission electron microscopy including use of the electron microscope.