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Research and Departmental Growth

Our department maintains a general fund to support activities across all three mission areas: clinical, education and research. Examples of the use of these funds includes telehealth pilot projects to provide remote services to rural citizens of the state, employee appreciation events, and continued funding of research efforts.

Many rural areas in the state do not have access to otolaryngologic care, while others requiring tertiary otolaryngologic consultation have difficulty getting to the academic medical center. We seek to place telehealth platforms in strategically identified primary care and otolaryngology offices throughout the state to meet both of these needs. The on-campus equipment and the communications backbone already exist.  The potential donation would allow us to expand these services to five to ten locations throughout the state. This would improve access to care, reduce costs, and increase quality of life of Mississippians.

Donating to this account helps support additional initiatives including:

  • Sponsoring an annual professorship
  • Establishing database manager to log groups of patient procedures and surgical photos
  • Supporting the development of clinical pilot projects