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2018 Training Examination Results Image: Long Description


The bar graph includes otolaryngology residency program annual board/training examination results for 2018. It depicts the average score for residents of otolaryngology programs nationwide.


2018 Average Scale Scores - All Programs

The frequency is noted y-axis (left side) of the chart in increments of 5, beginning with 0 and ending with 25. The OTE program average total scale scores are noted along the x-axis (bottom) of the graph in increments of .25, beginning with 5.40 and ending with 6.40. Residents of UMMC's otolaryngology program are noted with a star as having a mean score of 6.16 on the x-axis and approximately 5 frequency on the y-axis.

  • Mean=5.92
  • Std. Dev=.154
  • N=108

UMMC ENT Mean: 6.16